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(The downloads of the last several days have left me with nausea, headaches and a feeling of disorientation. I asked those who guide me for information. I was offered this:)
You are all being handed the keys to important awarenesses you must have in the coming Days. These keys serve to unlock within you vital information that has been waiting for this time/space to come forth. The physical symptoms will resolve quickly.
(What can I tell people that will be good for them to hear? I asked.)
When a storm approaches on a sunny day, the clouds appear darker than they are due the contrast between dark and light. And so it is in these days of change. Look not for the storm, nor for the sun. Instead allow your heart to open to both for their are blessings in each. The dark, the light - no di
fference. Allow your hearts to lead the way, in every way. Let dreaming fill your days. Be brave. Be open. Some things must break to heal and so it is with the shadow aspects that all humans must now bring into the light. Remember that we are with you and that all will be well.
And stop being afraid of or denying miracles. They are everywhere and always available. For what are miracles but Love made visible?

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