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(I requested a message from Astraea and received this. I experience her as all seeing and all knowing, her eyes like laser beams that see every unacknowledged or hidden aspect of me. It is both uncomfortable and freeing, as I felt I was able to let go of pretense or role. I could simply just be with her. It is far harder to just be with myself, and yet I find since this experience, that I am shifting in a profound way, as if I have simply just stopped trying so hard. I was always enough, all by my self.)
Blessed child, I have seen your light and you must hide no longer. You are the child of my heart and we have much to do together. I need your whole heart not just the portion you decide to share. Your entire Light is required. You have found your voice with Mercury, healed your wounds with Chiron but your heart and soul belong to me.
The Truth emerging is not out “there”, on that movie screen you call life. This Truth is in your heart and soul, arising like the Phoenix. It bares all, removes all illusion and glamour and leaves no mask intact. The New World demands full participation, with open heart and soul, with open hands and mind. You have no secrets from me, and shall take no secrets forward.
The physical symptoms which may arise as this process continue to serve your Higher Self in clearing away that which no longer serves you. Feel the depth of your Mother’s love. Let it wash over you, and through you. Let it restore and renew you. Many of you have feared that if you open too fully, you will lose something of yourself. Oh, my sweet child, it is the opposite that is true! As your heart has an infinite capacity to love, so your soul’s Light has an infinite capacity to shine ever brighter, for you are Light itself. It was always just that simple.

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  1. Wow! Thank you Jan. I’ve been getting this same message since April 8th. It keeps unfolding within me. I’m really realizing how so much of my power resides in my willingness to be vulnerable.

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