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For the week of September 10, 2018

Oh child of mine, give thought to that which you are about to Birth. The
road traveled has been arduous and filled with twists and turns. Breathe
deeply into yourself and let the wonder of the New arise in you. What do
you Birth? What will you hold and nurture and welcome with all your heart?
Take a moment today to step outside and become one with the earth. Allow
her energy to fill you and surround you. Greet her like the old friend that
she is. Can you feel how your perception of separation has changed? You
are no longer limited by the concept of Other. All that you are, all that you
perceive is you. Welcome your re-membering, welcome the Union. Allow
this unity to fill you and surrounded you. “You” are infinitely more than
“you”. Embrace this knowing and this beginning. The New Dawn is here.
Oh child of mine, welcome this moment. Though the contractions come
hard and fast, what, oh what do you Birth?
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