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 The wormhole is closing and the Lion’s Gate is upon us, bringing us the potential for unprecedented transformation.  The word “Awakening” reverberates in my head and it seems to me that so many overused phrases, including this word, are coming to mean so much more than we ever imagined.  Be the Light. Walk your talk. Awaken.

 We have repeated them, mantra like, for years, until they have become rote and, to a degree, meaningless. It is time to stop and reflect, to meditate, on what these words and phrases really mean.  It is time embody the profound concepts they represent.

 Most of you, like me, have spent much of your life following this amazing path of discovery.  We have explored our own inner workings, faced our shadows, recognized our areas of weakness, owned our responsibilities in actions both taken and not taken, and learned that every single thing we perceive out there reflects what is happening inside ourselves. 

We are now at a crossroads of sorts. It is time for the next step, that of completely embodying all that we have learned and even taught. This is the place where we decide to step into our own higher selves.  Up until now, we have bounced back and forth between the old world/old us and the possibilities of the new world/new us. 

Now is the time to dive deeply into our heart/minds, that blessed collaboration we have worked so hard to develop, and release every last bit of the old world/old us.  We are so much more than we ever imagined and the realization of it will be stupendous with powerful energy surging up from deep inside, flipping light switches and engaging gears, opening new vistas and realities.  This is the real Awakening, and it carries enormous responsibility.

In this Lion’s Gate, we are entering a portal of transformation, where the old simply drifts away, if you can relax into it. As difficult as it may seem to be to allow the past, in all its permutations, to drift away, I am assured it is as simple as breathing.  Even so, each of us must make the wholehearted commitment to do so.  It is never easy to embrace change, but the time is now. 

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  1. Thank you Jan, BEAUTIFUL….. your words shot straight to my heart. It brought me to tears as I feel your words to be the truth!!! I/we are at a crossroads, I/we’ve been on the path for eons and its time, I feel it deeply to step into higher selves. On this day I make the wholehearted commitment to do so 🙂 In gratitude , much love Peg

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