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I speak to you from the Heirarchy. The end of the eclipse passage is here and the Gateway to the New World is opening. Critical mass has been reached and perceived realities diverge. The Unveiled Mind joins with the Open Heart to create a unified presence on Earth. Polarity will be eliminated leaving only the One in all things. The marriage within, of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, will occur regularity now, each triggering another in a like-souled human being. Be not dismayed by the attempts of the Old World to keep you enslaved and asleep. Know these attempts for the falsehood and illusion that they are. The fog within the collective mind is clearing, and re-membering those shattered pieces of your beginning awakens those sleeping aspects so long denied and forgotten. The New World begins here and now within you. Each will hear it in the words of others and see it in their eyes, but even more so, each will know it in their hearts. New doors will open and the world will take on the aspect of miracle. Mind and heart, acting in unison, create the world around you with alacrity and immediacy. Be ever unified, even in unsettling moments of time/space. We are ever here with you, my children. Your transformation continues, for only in your unity can the birth of the Christed Consciousness take place.

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