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From the Black Moon: My dances serve to show you the Way. I inform, I point, and I flip the light on to illuminate the hidden. I implore you wake up from this apathy and sluggishness. See. Speak. Awaken.
Her dance reaches a crescendo, and with indrawn breath we brace, for we can feel the moment coming. The Great Mother’s patience has been tested and she prepares to take action. She has warned us; she has tempered her responses with compassion, but his resistance has been relentless and dramatic.
Clinging to her dead baby, the Mother rocks, sobbing in profound and unrelenting grief. She is both the Mother Goddess and the mother of all those lost children. She mourns for all the those who have departed through preventable deaths. Her rage bubbles up. Preventable? Indeed. Her creations, her bounty, her beauty and love, scorned and desecrated. Soon she will put her child aside and the Fury will begin. Prepare yourselves. She has had enough.
From the Mother Goddess: I speak to you, from the heart of Hearts. This wanton abuse and desecration of my Creation and my children will be addressed. The rage of the crumbling patriarchy will yet erupt and I implore you to remain in your hearts. Allow the Light of the One to fill your hearts and souls, trusting that all is well. His days are over and he knows it and hates it with all of his being. He has over-identified with the part he was to play and now resists its passing. The blinds are open, the doors thrown wide, and none can be closed again.
All is well, my children, the Awakening is here and the Truth will be delivered.

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