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Like all of us, I too have been profoundly affected by Stephanie’s journey. We ache for her and I know all of us are sending her prayers for her quick recovery and so much love.   As her journey has evolved, I have found myself examining how the concept of “voice” is affecting my own life.
In my own self-examination, I have wondered what it really means to have a voice. It is easy to assume that it is simply the spoken or written word but is that all? I think there is so much more to be discovered. Since what occurs “out there” is us, it follows that we must each examine within us where “voice” resonates most. I have watched my pre-teen granddaughter growing into her voice this last year, a journey of self-examination and deep courage. I have watched others around me speak up in unexpected ways, with remarkable results. I have learned a great deal about myself through my own use of Voice.
I believe that Voice is the summation of all that we are in this physical plane. It is how we express ourselves in multitudinous ways: how we express our inner self to the outer world and how we express the inner world to ourselves, both in loving ways and some not so loving ways. Our Voice is generated appropriately enough in our throat chakra, the seat of Truth. What Truth within you cries out to be shared? Embraced? Released?
I believe that this is an opportunity for all of us to meditate on Voice and its individual expression. Perhaps this is an opportunity to meditate on the absence of audible voice and what that might mean to each of us. There are endless opportunities for expression, via the arts, the written word, our do we use these?
We often fill our lives with chatter or meaningless small talk. The term “small talk” says it all. While it fulfills a social function, does it really serve a Higher purpose?
Perhaps we are being asked to listen more carefully to the words we say and the words we tell ourselves. Is there a way to be more meaningful, more “real” in our social interactions with others? With ourselves?
Recently, I wrote about confronting and releasing our old storylines, those fables rooted in the past that we tell ourselves that allow fear, helplessness, and doubt and so on to take up residence within our psyches. Our inner voice delivers much of that outworn stuff and yet we know that it is time to act with consciousness and bring the words we use into awareness. What we tell ourselves directly affects what we manifest in the world.
Is that old refrain in our heads still true or is it just habit? A reflex? Is it designed to keep us small, feel victimized and helpless? If so, it is time to jettison the message. None of us are the same people we used to be and it is past time we embraced that fully. Living consciously means that we must actively clear all that no longer serves us.
Let me repeat that: Living consciously means that we must actively clear what no longer serves us.
While we are directed by Spirit in the utilization of our gifts, we are also active partners. This confers a sacred responsibility for the appropriate use of our Voices, and demands that we honor the Voices with which every single person on Earth has been graced. Let us truly honor this sacred gift and give it the considered and cherished place it so richly deserves.
Stephanie’s journey has affected me profoundly. I am paying more attention to every aspect of my Voice. I found that I am listening more carefully to the Voices of others. I am more considered in the words I choose to use and how I use them. Even as I write this, I am discovering even deeper layers to this. Our Voices not only illuminate our beings, they have the potential to unite and connect every single person on Earth, much as our Light does.
And a reminder: Stephanie is doing sacred work for all of us. Every action we take to clear ourselves ripples outward in ever-widening circles until we are all embodying pure Light. Every step she takes, we take with her, clearing, evolving, and embracing our authentic Selves and Voices.   As we do our work, and clear past issues and blocks, we honor her and ourSelves in a most profound way. Keep up the good work.

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  1. Dear Jan, I can not thank you enough for your weekly channel on Cosmic Path! Your messages are a huge part of me moving forward into the last stages of my life, as 9 days ago I turned 70 years old (it seemed to sneak up on me). Anyway, I just truly wanted to thank you with my whole heart and soul for sharing your wisdom with all of us and Wish You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! ❤️❤️❤️, Melstone

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