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“With the finding of a door comes change.”*
For the last couple of weeks, images of doorways have haunted me. I have downloaded picture after picture, and looked at them, repeatedly. I see them, everywhere. I dream of them. I even read a book about doorways through time.
There can be no question that 2020 will be a year of change. Astrological aspects tell us so, even if we couldn’t see it in the world around us. And that is hardly likely for any of us unless you live under a rock. While change can be intimidating, most of us know by now that allowing and surrender are the best ways to negotiate change. Not necessarily easy but certainly easier than resistance.   Or anger and fear.
Choices matter. Each time that you are faced with a doorway or a change, you must consciously choose to open the door or walk away. You must embrace the possibility of change, life-altering or otherwise. You must be willing to step through. You have become conscious in so many powerful ways these last years. Now you must place your focus and attention deliberately on those choices you make, from the small and mundane to the large and unwieldy. Hear the words you choose to describe each choice so that you will see clearly that which you manifest as a result of your choice. Hear the words others use as well.   Be aware of the expectations you attach to your choices because they carry consequences and limitations.
As you become more aware of the choices you make, you will come to see that your options are unlimited. Yes, this is so. Your external reality begins in your mind so you must create - through choice - carefully, with consideration and consciousness. When you feel you have no choice, remember that there is always the choice of resistance or allowing. You are a Light Being in a physical body, and as such you are limitless. This is most important for you to understand. Your body, as vehicle to your Light Being, is undergoing many changes and upgrades. You must allow these to take place, even when you are uncomfortable. This discomfort is temporary as the body adjusts and releases. Utilize the Violet Flame regularly to ease discomfort and help your body with a reset.
A final word. Reach out to each other, to like-minded folks. The community you build strengthens the energy of the One and creates the One in Many.
Hopefully, by now you are all aware that you are an integral part of something much bigger than your individual selves, both in your growing inclusion of your Higher Self in your daily thoughts and choices, but also in your chosen community here on this website and others. These are no small things.
Learning to think with your hearts and feel with your minds has given you an immeasurable tool with which to negotiate these changeable days. Add to that the ease with which you regularly utilize your Observer’s Perch, which leaves you fairly well prepared to step forward into the New World. Nothing that happens in this life is anything you have not already agreed to, so trust and have faith that you know the next right step to take or door to open.
Become “That someone, somehow, (who) might forge themselves into a living key, and open the doors.”*.   Let change be your ally and your tool. Be that magical Being you were born to be.
Happy New Year to all you.
*Excerpt From
The Ten Thousand Doors of January
Alix E. Harrow
This material may be protected by copyright.

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  1. Thank you, Jan, for this inspiration. Doors have been on my mind, too. I am moving from an 1860s farm house (the one my parents bought in 1969, which I inherited) with its 2 doors, to a 1930s center hall colonial house with 8 doors (Last time Uranus was in Taurus was the 1930s). I found it a little unnerving at first for there to be so many access points to my hearth, but it is what it is, and each door contains some glass, so there is the possibility to see what is approaching, and of course, many exits, should the need/desire arise. I am changing the locks, to those doors that have a key, this week. Funny enough, this is happening in my professional life, as well – the people who have access to me at work is being changed.

  2. Hello Jan thanks for this channeling I love your work. The link to the ten thousand doors of January brings up a two page article on a dinosaur that was created by the founder of a charity that I volunteer with in Broome Western Australia! I’m not sure how this happened??? You can imagine my surprise when I saw the face of Andy Greig and his award winning dinosaur sculpture ! This is charity that helps the Aboriginal community in Broome that we have struggled to get the support we need to continue! Looks like the Universe is stepping in and getting the word out! Much love to you and the service you offer through this site! Cindy Mathers Broome Western Australia

    1. Doorways open in mysterious ways, don’t they?! Thank you so much for sharing! I am keeping all of you in Australia in my heart and prayers. ❤️

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