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What a week this last one was.  I don’t know about you but for me, it has been the carnival ride of a lifetime. Up, down, sideways, backwards, inside out.  At times, I have not known which way is up.
There have been moments that were incandescent and moments that made no sense at all. And here we are at the beginning of a new week and as I check in with myself, with an eye on what I might say that is of value to all of us, I discover that quite simply - all is well.
Funny how that happens these days.   Somehow, through all that we have learned and grown into, we have become the eye of the storm.  It can rage around us but how we acknowledge it is entirely up to us. There is a great deal of crazy going on “out there” right now, and it can look pretty wild.  If we can take a step or two back to gain some perspective, we see that there is a massive global clearing happening FOR all of us, rather than something that is happening TO us.  Feels a whole lot better from that viewpoint, doesn't it?
From this vantage point, we are able to see ourselves as sovereign beings rather than as victims of circumstance.  That old Observer’s Perch serves us well, I would say.
There have been days when everything “out there” has felt so big and overwhelming, but when I stop and check in with my heart, I have been assured over and over and over that all is well and proceeding according to plan.  
For me, Pluto and Saturn right now feel very heavy and honestly, patriarchal, but I am constantly reminded that the Mothers, in all their guises, fill the heavens with their love and attendance.  There is a plan and She is the architect. Her timing is her own but I am assured that no one will question her actions when that time comes.  
I stand by my belief that Pluto will transform the patriarchy through Saturn and Jupiter will walk the transformed/upgraded Saturn the final steps home by the end of the year.   
We have a multitude of planets in the sky that did not “exist” when the astrological systems began.  These “new” planets include many who are powerfully Feminine in nature, just as many of the “old” planets (archetypes) are powerfully masculine in nature.  There is no mistake that these new planets entered our consciousness just as the Mother began her ascendency. Yes, Pluto and Saturn are starting a new cycle but it is one that is informed by the Divine Feminine in her rightful place as Queen of the Heavens and Great Mother.  She has come home to stay and all is indeed well.
Watch her closely this week.

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