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She Has Arrived

She cannot be stopped now. Her movement forward is relentless and  inexorable. The time for delays and gnashing of teeth has gone by.  They see her coming and fear for their lives.  Why they are surprised by this coming mystifies, and yet does not surprise. Her coming has been foretold for millennia. Power has once again corrupted and created its own ego trap.  She cannot be denied. Like toddler in a temper tantrum, they scream and cry and threaten to burn down the world around them. Let them. The  New World that she delivers has no room for the outworn and abusive.  
If you listen carefully, you can hear her measured footsteps. Your lights held high and shining brightly, you stand witness for her passing.  Never has the midwife’s role been more sacred.
Behold the New World.

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