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A reminder keeps popping up on my phone. “Take the garbage out.” I have; it’s not garbage day. I just keep forgetting to delete the reminder. But this morning the words struck me powerfully. How often do we remember to take our own garbage out, in this crazy busy world?
We have all been doing our part - our own inner work, holding the light, letting go of what no longer serves us, staying in the Observer’s Perch and so on. Our inner work is the foundation of all the rest and the best gift we can give ourselves.
As a veteran of many different and varied therapeutic modalities, many of which I am certified in, I am a firm believer in the importance of doing your own work first. We can’t send “out there” what we haven’t taken care “in here” first. It just doesn’t work.
The world around us continues to become increasingly chaotic.   Remembering that it is a reflection of us allows our hidden “stuff” to come to the surface, so to speak. We are currently doing the work of many lifetimes, and all of that cumulative shadow, wounding and karma are flying to the surface demanding our attention. It may appear that it is all out there but every bit of it is our own individual reflection.
So what do we do with that? We continue to do what we as responsible light beings do: we own our own stuff, take responsibility for our actions and words. Everything we do now must be done with the utmost integrity.   We are told to be the Light. This, this is what being the Light means.
When you see chaos out there, try to remain in the observer’s Perch. Put Love where your gut reaction tells you to feel anger or fear. When you react, catch it and transform the moment.
There can be no question that it is difficult to accept that everything out there is our own reflection, but being proactive instead of reactive at least gives us something positive to work with, right?
Suddenly, taking out our own garbage becomes an act of the Sacred. As we individually take responsibility for our thoughts, our words, our actions, our layers of Be-ing, we begin to transform what we see out there and within ourselves. When we can remember that it is all Sacred, everything changes.
And so I am told:
As children of Light who chose to experience this physical world, it is essential you begin to recognize and accept your own divinity and immortal nature. In doing so, you reestablish the Balance on Earth and indeed throughout the Cosmos. You reestablish, more importantly, your own inner balance. Both are different sides of the same Whole for it is all One.  
The importance of personal integrity cannot be overstated. If nothing else is done, put your attention here for then you shall move mountains. When you need help or direction, ask and it shall be given to you. The illusion of separation and division are fading from the Earth experience but are ever more intense as this illusion demands to be seen and recognized.
The use of mirror as metaphor for self is a powerful tool as you step forward. A reaction to circumstance is merely fear and resistance to growth. Breathe as you are faced with information that precipitates a reaction and ask yourself: Reactive or proactive?? Continue to breathe, utilizing that sacred gift of connection to Source. Breathe into your Heart and allow it to open, filling the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies with Light and Love, which then dispel resistance, fear, and illusion. 
You have been given all the tools you need on the pathway to Conscious Wholeness.

I Yield

Words come now
fragments of heart's rejoicing as I open,
allow and re-member who I am
Old tattered pieces drift away
unwanted but briefly lamented
like ashes in the breeze
A costume put aside
no longer needed for this part
This is real
as real as this dream can be
There can be no room for the leftover and
Wonder, hitherto missing,
blinks sleepy eyes at a world gone dark and cold
reminding me that miracles and magic still exist.


Remember this, I hear, a whisper soft and faint. Remember this.


J. Finley

***This guidance column was written by Jan Finley for It may be shared freely, but only when the author’s name and website are included.


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  1. dear Jan, another poem as perfect for what is happening now as the one I saved back in ’18 captured that particular passage. I had to think back, a soulful review of events and who I’ve become since: vastly different! Wow. Love

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