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For a couple of months, I have been haunted by images of doorways and gates. Everywhere I looked, I saw them. They captured my imagination and my heart, knowing that they were both inspiration and invitation. This is not a new theme for me but one that has followed me through my life, however, it seems particularly pronounced right now.
A week or so ago, I began to fleetingly glimpse a doorway in my mind’s eye/third eye. It was off to the side, indistinct, but open with radiant light coming from within. If I attempted to face it directly, it faded from view, yet from the sidewise glance, I could see it clearly. It called to me and I wanted desperately to go through that doorway.
Last weekend was a busy one and my time spent lingering over a doorway was down to zero. This week, as I reclaimed some quiet time, I revisited my doorway. To my complete surprise, the doorway was gone and I found myself in a tunnel-like portal of Light. There are others there with me as we all move forward. We are aware of each other and that we are all going toward *something* but it is our personal journey that demands our attention. It is a journey of joy and peace, of rightfulness, of home.
My days this week have continued in their usual busy pattern, more or less, given that we are also confronted with a new bug that is spreading quickly. Through every minute, I am aware of the portal and my place within it.
It is easy to think we know what our experiences mean but I have learned enough to know that doing exactly that turns out to be more often than not incorrect. My human self cannot perceive all that is possible, no matter how hard I try, so I am leaving this one up to my Higher Self and allowing it to be whatever it is.
This morning my portal has opened up and is dispersing, being replaced by what looks like a vast limitless sky filled with stars. It is difficult to know for sure yet. But I will.
Anything is possible now. All doorways are open for those who wish to step through. Each of your personal “realities” is a construct, so create what you wish to experience. The portal is both birth canal and laboratory, library and kitchen, chrysalis and egg. Create, dream, rebuild, start anew....transform. The power is yours.

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  1. You described my day, Stephanie, thank you for putting it into words. It has been my personal experience for several years now that the people ‘in charge’ aren’t clear about what they’re doing, and I see it playing out nationally, as well. Of course, this means it’s happening in my inner world, too. I’m just wingin’ it, thanks to angel support.

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