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That change we have known was coming is here, and in our faces in a way we did not have any idea how to prepare for. Worry, concern and fear are gathering steam as the news is less than reassuring. I ask all of you to please remember that this is the time when all that we have been taught, shown, learned and grown into now become most applicable. This is not a drill or theoretical anymore. What you have been taught, what you know in your hearts is just as true and real as it was when you were first introduced into a new way of viewing yourself and the world around you. You know that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, even in the face of infectious disease.
If you seek truth, listen to your heart. All truth is there. Reach out to others as you socially distance. Technology is a blessing right now bringing contact, love, and information. Remember to trust. There was always a plan, and it is one we all agreed to before we came here to experience life in the physical realm.   Remember to shine your Light, even when it seems impossible because that is our sacred job. Above all, remember that you are not alone. The Higher Beings are with us, supporting, guiding and loving us as we go through this powerful initiation.
And so we are told:
The Portal for light and clarity is open for those who are willing to take the next step. Allow yourself to soften and open so that this treasure may come home/awaken in you. The truth is yours to own. You need not work to discover it for it lies within you, where it has always been. The awakening is here for those who have opened the door. You were always more than you remembered, but then that was crucial to the original plan, you may recall. These days are finished and for many of you, the end of the days within the chrysalis is in sight, releasing the Butterfly within. Your work is not done. It is time to remember, to wake up, to take your rightful place as a Warrior of Light, strong in Heart/Mind. Neither can exist without the other; indeed they are the same thing. You see that now, do you not? Heart and Mind complete the circle rather than separating into two. The war for dominance ends and the completion can begin.  
Step forward with assurance now, knowing that all is indeed well. You have learned to step back from immersive chaos which is designed to separate and remain in the Observer’s Perch. When fear clouds your vision, return to the healing power of the Observer’s Perch and its sacred perspective. 
Even through isolation, all must remain connected. This is not the time/space to divide and further separate but to remember that what has kept you separate before were false constructs, not Truth. Indeed, you are all One. Your Oneness begins in the Heart/Mind, not in your political view, or sexual orientation or race or gender or religions or any other notion. The time of Separation has ended and oneness begins here, now. Paths diverge but all souls remain connected, for all is indeed One. The Seed of the One Love has germinated and cannot be denied.
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  1. I get that this is an initiation! Thank you for that perspective! It strikes me that the pandemic is giving everyone the chance to choose whether to enter the New Earth. Both are honorable choices. 🦋🦋

  2. Let us BE love and connect more and deeper 🙏🏻❤️. I am roght now feeling than even when I disconnect from the online world, I feel hearts of others within me in a beautiful light 💚

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