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A new world has dawned and it turns out that none of us were prepared. Oh, we knew *something* was coming, but as is typical, we had no idea what form it would take. The last gasping breaths (how ironic) of the patriarchy are here and the glorious heart of humankind is awakening. One day, before very long, these days will be counted as sacred, as the New Dawn.
All things on Earth cycle around. That is the way it was designed, so there would be both a beginning and an ending. The two are the same thing, as you well know. If you breathe deeply and embrace your heart space, you can now hear the sacred music, the underpinning of all there is. Use this music to create within your heart the new world you want to see, an internal vision board so to speak. This will not last forever, and as we emerge from this huge and powerful initiation, we can start anew, literally. What a joyous idea that is!
I pray you are all safe and stay well and healthy. Love each other as best you can at a distance. Be kind to others and your selves. Remember that this is a Beginning, as well as an ending.   Breathe. Let each day begin and end with love radiating from your hearts.
We surround you individually and collectively. Our love for all the brave souls on earth is boundless. Release all that no longer serves you and open yourselves to the possibility of a world built from love. Let that be your dream and your reality, for that is all there is, once illusion falls away. Eyes opened to beauty and truth, heart open to all, hands outstretched in kindness...all this and more. Rise up in spirit, rise up in heart, and reach out, connecting with each other.   It never was about the physical, you know. It was always about what is in your heart.
How wide is my heart?
Each pulsing atom in this ancient
hologram of blood and muscle
threads its yearning to a distant star.
The thread is love, glistening like silk.
My body must be woven out of That.
Deeply in touch with
the crimson creature in my chest,
I contain galaxies.
They breathe through me,
and the earth grows green.
My pollen riots the meadows.
The healing song of the hive
is hidden in my ribs.
What warms the heart, I follow.
What expands, I go that way,
and I depart from what contracts me,
like an emerald worm without eyes
traveling surely, tender and slow,
down the vein of a fern.
It is better than philosophy.
It is carrying a candle
through the forest at night.
I may not see around the bend,
but each step is illumined.
Who is my Guru?
This throb beneath my sternum.
Don't look for the mystical door.
Friend, You are the door.
by Fred LaMotte

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