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I sit here on Easter Sunday morning balancing a contemplation of resurrection with the prospect of extremely severe weather complete with long track tornadoes headed our way tonight. I have been terrified of tornadoes for most of my adult life. Talk about a forced resurrection after a tornado bludgeons through your home or community...
I will spend the day gathering my valuables and important papers and creating a safe shelter for the cats, dogs and me in my closet. I really really hate tornadoes.
What I know to be true is that fear disables and cripples us. It wrests control of our reality and leaves us immobilized. I have spent enough of my lifetime falling into fear, allowing it to paralyze me and I refuse to do that any more. And as an awakened creator, I have no interest in allowing fear of any kind to have control over me.
This storm tonight is just one more storm in the craziness that is our lives right now. We are learning to roll with what comes and that will aid us as we traverse the coming days and months. And it will help me get through this long night tonight. Rolling with it is my current normal. And I am good with that.
Resurrection doesn’t happen just once a year. It happens all the time. Big ones, little ones. All the ways we shed outworn parts of ourselves and become something *more.*. What doesn’t happen all the time is our awareness of these resurrections and the part we individually play by choosing to resurrect. As LightBearers, that is what we do. We choose to keep moving forward, holding our lights high for all to see.
The New World has begun, born in chaos and change. We have no idea what our new normal will be and likely won’t for the next couple of years. Glimpses yes, but so much hangs in the balance still. We have more surprises and challenges and decisions coming our way. And still we will roll on, shedding our pasts and stepping in our new (old) roles and purposes.
Rebirth and renewing is who we are and what we do. We rise above. We light the way.
We are the New World. Happy Renewal, everyone.

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  1. Thank you Jan. For your earthy grounded..even in fear…grounded words every week. You inspire me to write my own and publish them…they are medicine. Your are medicine..we all need to remember we are the medicine we truly need. Hope the tornado flys by and clears your path in beautiful ways if at all. Much love Heather

  2. Thank you Jan for your wise words. I hope that you are all safe centred and roted in Love as always. As Tara Brach said and I’m sure we all agree „Love is the obly thing that males sense”.

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