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A week ago this time, here in the south, we were preparing ourselves for severe weather, and it turned out to be worse than we imagined. A total of thirty-three lives were tragically lost in multiple tornadoes, ranging in strength from EF 1 to EF 3. It was a long terrifying night for everyone in the surrounding area. I spent the night in my closet with the pets, watching the weather being live-streamed on my phone.   Pillow, blankets and comforters wrapped around us, we huddled and listened to the storm howl around us. Thunder, roaring wind and lashing rain sounded, literally, like the gates of hell had opened.
Tornadoes went slightly south of my house, and slightly north, and miraculously keeping us completely safe. I got up the next morning and went outside expecting to see trees and branches down, and debris everywhere.
To my astonishment, there were only a very few leaves on the ground. Not one branch. Not one tree. Not an overturned anything. All roofs perfectly fine.
How could this be? I had heard the storm - the howling wind, the rain battering my house - for hours, yet we never lost power or had one single bit of damage.
Just outside my neighborhood, damage and debris were everywhere. Signs of flooding with washed away areas, standing water, branches, trees, the whole bit was everywhere, never mind the images of entirely flattened neighborhoods on tv.
I couldn’t begin to take it in. How could this be?
All life is capricious. It comes, it goes, it flourishes, it declines. It is energy in motion. Nothing is certain, as manifestation occurs in the moment, as it is co-created by you. The foretold Time of Change is upon you now and must be seen through until the end. Do not expect to get comfortable as it will continue to compel each and every one of you to awaken and take responsibility. These conditions did not arise to punish you but to awaken you to who you really are and what your earthly purpose is. The longer this awakening is resisted, the longer the Time of Change will continue.
Many are awake now, and others beginning to open their eyes. Much more is required. The dying Patriarchy fights tooth and nail to hang on to what slips away with each breath. Attempting to wrest control will ultimately only weaken them, as they dig a pit from which they cannot escape. The Breaking is almost complete. Their purpose served, they will fade from view.
What then, we ask of you? Are you prepared yet to be more? To be all that you truly are? The choice is yours but make it carefully, from your deepest heart, where Truth can be found.
Observe the places where fear seeks to hobble you and flood them with love. Each person has a place of Undoing which calls for absolute vigilance. Faith and trust must be your foundation and love must lead the way. There is no other way through, and through you must go.
In answer to my question, it occurred to me that my experience in the closet with a storm howling around me is very similar to our entire lives on earth right now. Between the pandemic and climate change, authoritarian governments, the assault on who we are and overwhelming greed, we each live in our own little bubble. What the bubble is, depends on us. Is it a house of straw-based on prejudice, anger, fear, and so on? Or is it composed of brick, rock-solid based on faith, trust and an open heart?
I don’t suppose one way or the other about my own experience. Rather, it has compelled me to look ever deeper into my own heart for all that is hidden or unloved. This year has been and continues to be an intensely spiritual experience for me, every day taking me deeper into my heart. I don’t presume anything about what that means; this is merely where I have been led. I share this experience with you in the hopes that it will lead you ever deeper as well because we can only do this thing together. If we are all One, isn’t today the day we begin to truly embrace that?
(Many thanks to those of you who reached out to me this week following the harrowing storms. You’ve no idea how much that means to me! Xoxo)

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  1. Jan,

    “Observe the places where fear seeks to hobble you and flood them with love. Each person has a place of Undoing which calls for absolute vigilance. Faith and trust must be your foundation and love must lead the way. There is no other way through, and through you must go.”
    Thank you for that wonderful teaching and crystal clear reminder.
    I’m so grateful to hear that you and yours remained safe!

  2. Wow!! I had no idea since I avoid the news.. gratefully you are safe as well as prayers to all of you. Thank you for all that you share with us.. I love reading all you share. Blessings love and light to all xoxo bellashoes

  3. Hi Jan, so glad all is well with you. The ‘tornado’ sped past by my house yesterday. It didn’t take out my electricity or damage my home or property, either. I heard it, though, and went out to investigate. Thinking about how we are all one, I couldn’t help but wonder what part of me was out of control. Clearly not a part that is essential to my function, but still, something went off road yesterday. That part was dazed and confused, seemingly having no idea how that happened, and possibly brought on by a medical condition. Then, the next day, my partner started having a health issue….food for thought. Namaste.

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