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The shelter at home regulations are easing and people are venturing out, with varying degrees of caution, some of it quite violent. We have seen it on the news, men and women lashing out in anger and frustration. We are seeing made visible the result of unacknowledged shadow rising to the surface after weeks of disrupted predictability and uncertainty. Add to that concerns about jobs and money, fears about safety and it becomes a giant soup of instability.
Each of us is experiencing our own version of that. I have seen it played out in my own life, with family members and friends. A tenseness, a shortness in communication, an irritation where there should be none, all of these inform us that we are uncomfortable in our new surroundings and it is beginning to chafe.
As we enter the New World, we leave behind the 3D polarized beings that we have been. We are evolving, ascending into unified 5D beings. Remembering that we cannot bring our unacknowledged and un-wholed parts of ourselves with us, it is more important than ever that we face ourselves with an open and accepting heart.
We can see very clearly “out there” what resistance creates. Facing our inner demons can be very uncomfortable but the alternative means that we will be forced, through life experiences, to come face to face with our mirrored self. And that can be brutal when resistance is at the wheel...
We speak to you from the greatest well of love. Your limitless attraction to resistance speaks well of your determination but exposes your proclivity for learning the hard way. The dawn of the New World is here. That cannot be denied, and the human race will move forward. The Transformation of Humanity has begun and resistance will not stop it. Indeed, it only prolongs the inevitable and makes it painful, which is unnecessary in the extreme.
Those of you with eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to lead the way must model acceptance and openness. Feeling frustration and anger can act as motivation when acknowledged and made conscious. Make each step you take an act of deliberate meditation and consciousness. When faced with a choice, first you must ask your heart what the next right step should be.  
Be kind to yourselves. Change can be disorienting at best, but this ordained change will not be thwarted. Kindness toward yourselves eases your way and softens your path ahead.
A door has opened in front of you and there is no going back to the old ways, therefore make your life a living meditation. Each step, each breath reinforced with the love that permeates all existence smooths the way forward. When life feels uncomfortable, too tight, restrictive, the need to act, to do something, anything to make it comfortable again is strong. This is the moment to stop, to breathe, to hold the light and allow spirit and heart to speak to you.
You come from the stars. This is second nature to you. Breathe and step forward.

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