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We have made it to the last week of May in this upside-down topsy turvy world we inhabit and now we find ourselves in a wormhole, those dreaded eclipse passages. It’s been a while since we have experienced one but one thing I definitely know is that we have learned to ride the wave this year and a wormhole is just another wave.   Sideways elevators, as Stephanie calls the eclipse passages, are shortcuts to somewhere we need to be, regardless of the circumstances that get us there. We tend to perceive sentences like that one as somewhat negative and even scary.   Anything that takes us out of normal and predictable can be intimidating, but our lives right now are anything but predictable and normal. Remember all the important stuff: self-care, consideration for others, observer’s perch, heart-centred and so on.   The rest you can handle in the moment. We’ve got this. Whoever said an eclipse passage can’t be amazing anyway??!
Sometimes I think we are so focused on what is breaking that we forget what is simultaneously being born. We forget our own resurrection.
Resurrection indeed. You will discover new depths, new gifts, new talents and new opportunities. Be open to this possibility. Do not think you would be thrown into an Ending without rediscovering the requisite skills and talents needed for a new Beginning.
These eclipses (and it is no accident that there are three rather than two) come as divine gifts to humankind. Three denotes creation and opportunities will abound for those with an open heart. Unexpected doors will open and the way forward made clear. Humankind is being given the opportunity to step into its divinity in action. Consider it a jumpstart of sorts. Though Free Will is a right, those who love and guide you have determined that a gentle push in the right direction might not go amiss - for those who need it. For others, this passage exposes hidden treasures and reclaimed gifts. Embrace the way forward. There is no going back. That door has closed.
Place your attention on where you want to be and on the conscious person you want to be as you travel toward that goal.
Well, all right then, let’s do this thing!

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  1. Radiance Mantram…
    Radiance we are and pure power.
    We stand forever with our hands stretched out,
    Linking the heavens and the Earth,
    The inner world of meaning
    And the outer world of glamor.
    We reach into the Light and bring it down to meet
    the need.
    We reach into the Silent Place
    And bring from thence the gift of understanding.
    Thus with the light we work
    And turn the darkness into day.
    And turn the darkness into day.

    I collect all forms of prayer. This mantram resonates with me today. As we move out of the past, and a door closes…we are frightened, but really there’s so much opportunity Now to renew all our vows. Mantrams are nice because they’re personal action, voice vibrations, wishes reverberated.
    To you, Jan, thank you for your courage!

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