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Yes, this was a difficult and painful week here in the United States and around the world. The pandemic continues while many turn a blind eye to safety precautions, world leaders continue to spiral out of control and racism has never been more visible and excruciating.
It would be easy to fall back into old hopeless patterns, fears that *nothing* will change, same old, same old thinking, wouldn’t it?
And yet, we can’t, not for a single minute. We can and should mourn and experience our emotions but we cannot live in them or allow them to reign supreme. The Breaking continues unabated, and it will until it is done. Every dysfunctional system on earth must be broken, forgiven and allowed to disappear into oblivion so the New Earth can truly begin created from the new Heart Mind Union. As the Breaking continues, we are simultaneously beginning to build the new world we want to see. This is why it is so important to leave the past behind.
In actuality, the New Earth is here, and we are paradoxically existing in both realms. Make no mistake though: the past will be left behind in the past. It cannot be carried forward and the more we become citizens of the New Earth, the less we will want to bring dysfunction and outworn patterns of belief and behavior, no matter how familiar they seem, forward with us.
We have learned (for the most part) to dwell in both realms with a degree of comfort, so that gives us an edge when it *all* feels like it is too much. As you take a moment and look around you from your Observer’s Perch, you will see quite clearly the delineation between the 3rd dimension and the 5th.
We are being asked to acknowledge and accept our part in the creation and continued implementation of the dysfunctional systems currently running rampant. We are being asked to intensively and honestly examine our hearts and souls, our behaviors and attachments, our loves and our hates. All of it. We are being asked to forgive ourselves and others. We are being asked to not only open our hearts, but to embody Love in its highest vision. We are discovering aspects of ourselves that may seem both new and intensely familiar at the same time. We are welcoming the Divine aspects of our Being.
More and more, we are being asked to step up, step into who we are in the fullest sense. All of our gifts being brought to the fore is essential, including forgotten, overlooked, neglected and undervalued ones.
What we must do is remember as we acknowledge these gifts is to embrace them and utilize them with the deepest love in our heart. Everything we do, everything we are must be offered up as a gift from the heart to others, our world and to ourselves.
For every bit of angst and agony on earth as the Breaking continues, you are each showered with unlimited Love. This is the maelstrom, where up is down and inside out. You cannot rebuild the old so all must be left behind. Your hearts will lead the way, discovering new ways of being and creating. Listen to one another and create together. Collectively, creation can grown exponentially. Feel the earth beneath your feet and hear her words. Open, open, open.

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