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This was another tough week for our globe, and there will be more to come. The Breaking continues unabated, as it must, and our job, our sacred duty, is to hold the Light. It is no accident that we are all here together now, at this moment, so let the Light pour out of you as big as you can make it.   The world seems a crazy place right now, and emotions and reactions are all over the place. One thing we must keep an eye on is fear.
Fear is a tricky thing. It comes all dolled up in fancy costumes, making wild noises and compels us to dance to its tune. It fills our vision and overtakes our mind. All we can hear is the dizzying sound of “what if X happens”? Paralysis is the end result.
As immobilizing as fear is, it isn’t what we are here for, at this moment in time and space. Step back for a moment and see fear for the false messiah of doom that it is. Step back into your heart and breathe.
Do not be distracted by all the flash and circumstances you observe around you. Never before in the history of humankind has it been more important for each of you to remember your divinity and your purpose. You are anchors of Light upon this earth and help create the framework for the New World, simply by being who you are where you are. Your importance is far beyond what you imagine. See yourself as a pillar of Light anchored deeply into the earth and reaching high into the Cosmos, all day, every day, no matter what occurs around you, or what take you might be involved in. Carry this image within your heart. The temptation to feel fear and be discouraged may be overwhelming, but we assure you that all is not completely as it appears. There are many who work with you to support and generate the New World. While there is much at stake, the outcome is assured. Yes, exactly what I said. The Breaking continues and will until it is complete, but the New World arises from the ashes, even now. Your powerful Light is a vehicle for love, and love will always lead the way.

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  1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. That happened to me once “See yourself as a pillar of Light anchored deeply into the earth and reaching high into the Cosmos”. I was asked to meditate in church on the meaning of love. I was really tired, so I used the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, thinking about my first romantic love. Then, the person leading the meditation told us to ask God a question about what we were thinking about. So I asked Jesus about how he learned his first lesson in love. Next thing I knew, Jesus and I were sitting at my kitchen table making bread, as he told me he learned all about love from his father, and that there were just a few simple ingredients you need to make love. Then, he drew my attention to all the things/relationships I had made out of love. There were a lot! Many of them were dusty and neglected. Some of them were big/small, some were intricate in nature (like a bonzai tree), others were unadorned and very simple. Next, he drew my attention to a point out of sight, to the right, and he said ‘this is God’s love for you’. I was astounded by that pillar of glowing pulsating white light- it had no beginning and no end, and within its DNA sequence shape there were brilliant little sparks of color. While I was marveling at the light, the person leading the meditation brought it to an end, but truly, it was just a beginnig for me.

      1. You are welcome! Since you liked it, let me share a little more: The bonzai tree one (it was so beautiful!), represented the relationship I had with my partner…it was sitting on the table, with me and Jesus, next to my current masterpiece, which was the relationship with my young children-that was much bigger, but missing many beautiful details-it was clearly a work in progress. Those ‘works’ in the background were my grandmothers/grandfathers/people who had passed, or relationships that had ended, while other ‘not dusty’ ones were friends, family members, other people I had met. I saw some that needed attention. Each one was unique, and had its own name.

        1. I really think this is amazing! Thank you for sharing more of the story. It would make a wonderful meditation. ❤️

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