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This year has been, as we all know, transformative in every way. Surprises, disappointments, frustrations, changes, disorientation, ups and downs have met us at every turn. This summer is no different, and yet how very different it feels. We are transforming palpably, and it cannot be ignored any longer. With great transformation comes great responsibility. Happy Solstice, everyone.
We are sure by now you have discovered that dropping a figurative mask and armor is not as easy as it sounds, and yet we are compelled to remind you again of the importance. Earth stands at a crossroad and every effort must be given to create open pathways to the New World. It will not land in your lap, as a given. You must participate in its creation. This creation must come from the open heart else you recreate what you have.  
More change comes your way and we ask that you open yourselves up to allow these changes to further open your hearts and minds. That which is hidden must be allowed to rise to the surface and that which is assumed and habitual must be let go.   Nothing less than your true and whole Self must step forward. 
Your Higher Self is your willing partner in this endeavor. Ask for help and it will be given. The time of the Unified and Restored Human is at hand and each of you must not only allow this but actively participate in this unification and restoration. Release your past and step fully into the Wholeness of your Be-ing. Be willing to be seen and known, to yourself and to others. Blessed are you and Blessed you will always be.
You are here not only to stand witness to the birth of the New World but to model, through your own willingness to be transparently open, the New Human. You are Divine indeed.

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