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For the week of August 20, 2018

You may have noticed by now that The Cosmic Path is undergoing a major gearshift of its own. Ray Rolando has left us to pursue his own path, and I have a major surprise for everyone... JAN FINLEY has signed on to bring us her amazing channels on a weekly basis! I want to thank Ray for his years of service.. Please join me in sending him Love and Blessings for success on his continued path, and please help me welcome Jan to the Cosmic Path fold... I know we all love her already.. Please feel free to let her know how you feel about her new presence here on the site...Stephanie


After reading Stephanie's blog the other morning I got the image of the Black Moon running around the sky in every which direction, frantically trying to catch our attention.  I often see her as a Collective Shadow for the the Divine Feminine, designed to draw our attention to those places of misspent effort.  While she is so clearly a symbol of the Divine Feminine, she nonetheless has a trickster aspect.  
The Black Moon leads us on a merry dance, much like a sojourn into Faerie, where time has no meaning and everything you see is an illusion.  Escape may be tricky, as one may become lost in the illusion...  This particular voyage of hers right now seems very much designed to show the way through misdirection and tomfoolery.  Be not deceived. While she frolics, anger sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear.  Anger slinks along behind her frolicking, hoping you will not notice that its presence.  They dance, these two, and hope to stir up mischief. The message is clear but you must look past the games.  The Black Moon demands that you pay careful attention to words, events, and deeds.  Do not be distracted by the showy and attention seeking.  Use this time to breathe gently into your heart and remain grounded and centered. Remember the Song of your Heart?  Let it fill your heart and soul.


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  1. Best wishes, Jan. Sending HUGE love and light, and VERY happy to see and “hear” of your powerful shifts.

    Ever Awakening, Always LOVE ~


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