channeloftheweekThere’s a sort of change in the air, isn’t there?! You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you KNOW it’s j u s t a little d i f f e r e n t, right? Absolutely. You cannot put your finger on it, because it is an Energy of shift. Have you tried putting your finger on air lately? Doesn’t work either. Maybe one day, but for now it’s just something you know is there and don’t need to believe in, because it just is.

And such is the way of the new world you are living in.

It is showing you that you clearly know beyond a shadow of fear and doubt. It comes from your heart, and leads us into the New Year. New beginnings are abound in 2013 and Beyond. There is so much waiting for each of you out there. In terms of your Earth time, HOW much is not something that can be quantified by methods of logic you are used to applying. No. Instead, it is something we ask you to F E E L into your hearts for.

So, literally, sit for a moment. Close your eyes and F E E L into what is that is being conveyed here. You all KNOW all too well what it is we are talking about. It’s almost like the telepathic energies you’ve heard of before and always wondered about. No need for the wonderment any longer. You can F E E L it NOW if you so choose.

It is the new beginning, the new way of life. The mystery of your childhoods, when you just knew that things like time travel, telepathy, telekinesis, magic, and mystery were all real. Well, they ARE REAL. As real as the nose on your face. With all of the planetary shifts, these energetic modalities are becoming more available, as the veil between mankind and these energies continues to thin, lift, etc – however you perceive the “disappearing act” – after ALL, that IS your reality. Ha ha!

The end has come NOW for ALL that is out of alignment. ONLY LOVE EXISTS HERE NOW. And LOVE transforms ALL hearts and roots out FEAR. For fear cannot exist where love is present. For love envelopes fear, wholly and completely, and shows fear its truth and from whence it comes. And so it will return home when love encompasses it. That is what you came for, that is what was called forth, and that is what is being delivered now. Be ready now to receive your share of the proceeds from the contractual agreements you’ve made. For your BOUNTY has come in!

With so much love in my heart for you,