THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/29/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings fellow hopefuls. Yes, "hopefuls" - those beings hopeful of a New World, the one all sentient, moderately awake beings know IS possible. It is, how would you say..., ironic the metaphor we are here to bring to you today. Ultimately, however, it should do the trick. And it goes like this... we need you all to truly begin to practice the art of dying. Let us explain.

For anything (and we mean ANY thing) to birth anew, the old MUST fall away. It must die actually, and this is not a bad thing at all. It just is. This is the nature of nature. Like the seasons blending into one another, as one falls away, the other rises again with regularity. Similarly, we are asking you each to begin looking at how you live each day.

Enjoy your moments, allow them to rise and fall away, but be not attached to any of it. In fact, the only thing worth being "connected" to is love. And even that you cannot seemly attach to, because it, too, changes forms. Therefore, if you attach to the form of that love, you will become attached to form. Our purpose here today is to show you that the road home is to detach from form, yet play the game of being in it. 

In this way, you are being asked to practice the rise and fall of form without being attached TO the rise and fall. This is the space in which enlightenment lies actually. So that when the "sun sets", you can move on while knowing it SHALL rise again "tomorrow" in one way or another, or one form or another. How can it not? You are energy. Everything in your world IS energy. Energy is always maintained. It never dies. It simply changes forms. And in this way, it transcends dimensions.

Hmmm... think on this for a moment. Could that be what an enlightened being on your dimension is doing? Are they existing IN your dimension, KNOWING (not wondering) that they are not OF your dimension? In that way, perhaps they are ACTUALLY existing somewhere else altogether WHILE sitting amongst the masses. Wow. So it seems their job is simply to be examples of HOW TO BE a being on your dimensional reality, which will then take you to other dimensional realities.

Well, that is the path actually of a transcended soul when they return to the Earth plane - to be the example - because they can be. In this way, they practice watching "the sun set" with EVERY breath they take. In this way, they pay homage to the Creator FOR their breath, AND for their ability TO perceive at all. They allow the rise and the fall to move through them without giving in to the stories that COULD be created about the events if they allowed the monkey mind to run away with them.

Can you feel the energy of this? These beings give thanks for their ability to be observers in your beautiful world. As they observe, these ascended masters change what they observe. For when you observe with love, what you observe becomes love. This is how they manifest beauty on your plane of existence. They see beauty, and they create more of it. They also know that with beauty comes the death of beauty, which they view as beautiful and, hence, more beauty exponentially created.

It is upon this theme of gratitude and the potential for beauty in your world that we ask you to artfully begin to practice the process of death. Though it is, indeed, a metaphor, we promise you that this practice will prepare you for the moment of physical transition from this plane of yours to the next. How can it not? For this practice of form to formless IS THE WAY HOME. So, we will always see you on the other side of your current creation, as it falls away and a new one is birthed. For the only thing that is permanent is formless love.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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