THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/8/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Yes! That is what you are. To see the world, but not to buy into it... THAT takes courage. You have been doing more and more of this, and it is SO required at this time.

The world, and its inhabitants are making their ways through much transformation. While the mass resistance to ascension is present, there is also an absolute desire for another way of living for those keen enough to know, "THIS cannot be all there is."

Absolutely correct. The old is falling away rapidly. At times, this is so subtle, you almost would not notice. For example, you have heard of the falling of the economic systems, yet you see the DOW jones industrial average growing in the United States at rapid paces. However, look more closely. What do you see?

Things like the legalization of certain drugs, and the shifting of tax brackets, and inventions like decentralized, digital, global currency mean that other older systems are failing, and the NEW is simply sliding into place. With gross acceptance, and without a discerning eye, one may think this is just the NEXT thing. It is not.

These subtle changes represent the prophesied changing world, changing economies, and changing perspectives ABSOLUTELY required to identify that the planet's shifts, as so long-promised, are in FULL swing - RIGHT before your eyes, and under your noses.

In this changing world, with changing economies, and rapidly changing technologies (another area to look back through the looking glass at with a discerning eye), it absolutely takes courage, not only to see through illusions of the material for what they are, but to live KNOWING that you are playing a game, and to not give into world drama.


You all, quite rightfully so, are the very definition of God(s) incarnate, finding your way once more through the thickness of greed in the denseness of the material world, back to love and truth in the esoteric (from which you come), that you then are materializing here on this dense plane. You see, you are quite literally bringing love and light back into this dense dimension.

Picture that for a moment. Feel the enormity, as humans, that this quite frankly speaks to. It is not always easeful, easy, and filled with rainbows and butterflies. In fact, it can be at times experienced as down-right painful, heavy, and can come with MASS clearing out of your systems - you are quite literally piercing dense falsehood with light truth. Therefore, it takes courage to see what others have refused to. It takes courage to see the light, employ it, and look past others' stories. It simply takes courage to exist in this new world of the unknown with one simple known... your hearts.


But you ARE DOING IT. Take a moment, here, to breathe into your ability to have loved this far, and to have come this far with your hearts. Not many (YET!) can say that. However, with your continued search for truth in a world filled with untruth, others have the chance to awaken. And awaken they shall!

It is through all of you that the masses stand a chance. Not that it is your responsibility. It is NOT! They will come, or they will not. Nevertheless, we have come to you on this day to utter to you just how much we love and appreciate your efforts, and to remind you that we are forever grateful that you signed up for this seeming appreciation-less mission.

But, see, now there is the play. Can you feel it? This WHOLE game this time around was designed for you to appreciate you, and not require it "out there". In this way, your internal, spiritual maturation would bring to the forefront your INNER TEACHER. That was the grand design. And to carry it out... well, it takes courage.

To this end, we say thank you. Truly. We support and love you, and remind you that your human minds are not wired to understand the level of love and support in the Cosmos that is backing you at this hour, and upon every decision you make from your hearts to continue to carry this love forward in your missions to seek truth always, and in all ways. Nevertheless, the love is REAL, and it is there to support your trust in it.

This means, the more you trust, the more you are supported. Read that again, and make that sentence your mantra... or at least one of them. So continue to trust, and continued support is guaranteed. We would be VERY foolish not to support you, for your mission to bring love to the Earth, to have 5D pervade its lands and oceans, and hearts, is the very fabric of what makes the Promise of the Golden Age in the Galaxy, the Universe, all Galaxies, and all Universes possible.

So, know that you are supported, and continue to have this courage. For upon its wings, The Archangels and Masters, and the Great Beings of Light, can help you fulfill your destinies.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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