THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/16/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


A wave of change is most definitely upon the human race. The dark knows this, and attempts over and over again to sustain its hold on humanity through fear and control. It is incumbent upon each being who has eyes enough to see, and ears enough to hear to see and hear THROUGH these vain attempts. It is always a senseless act in retrospect regardless.

See, the dark gradually and eventually always lands at the positively charged pole, as negative flows toward the positive. So, in a sense, it makes no matter that evil rears its head to attempt to snuff out the light. While HUMAN suffering is inevitable on SOME level when this occurs, the degree to which this suffering unfolds is completely up to each being observing. To understand this, you must at some stage begin to trust in the teachings of illusion.

Everything you see and experience in your world, EXCEPT LOVE, IS an illusion. Yes, everything.

This world is temporaneous to all who travel through it, yet you come here to experience love "separate" from the ONE Source - God. Your families, your children, etc are expressions of love. The forms they take in the material world are an illusion in the spiritual sense, as who and what you are is well beyond the human being, the human form, and human understanding. In the human sense, however, you have been wired over millennia to become attached to the illusions that you believe the material has provided, because you have taught yourselves that you need the material to survive.

But what is survival? It seems you believe that survival is forming alliances against the inevitable. Survival implies being victims to your world, and needing to protect yourselves from untimely demise. There is no such thing. Therein lies the illusion. All living, all transitioning is Divinely Accorded, and nothing less. So there is nothing to survive, yet there is so MUCH to live for. In fact, we would go as far as to say that once you begin to FEEL these words deep inside you, you shall begin to live for the next experience that raises your conscious awareness that so much more is happening here for you than you probably realized before your awakenings began. This is when you begin/began to realize that nothing is provided by the material world.


How everything is perceived by the human, in fear or love, determines the amount of attention, or awareness, that the masses give to it. This mass awareness is known as the flow of consciousness. Consciousness has a vibration, that can be measured in the spirit realms at any given time, and its measurement can be provided to those in the know as they need to know it, while they are attempting to assist others to raise their conscious vibration one being at a time. As it happens, fear, control and separateness vibrate, or resonate, lower than love and connectedness.

As each being chooses to begin to focus more on spirit and connectedness, and less on the material and greed by choosing love over fear more and more often, each being then raises their conscious vibration, meaning the frequency of love at which they are vibrating, or resonating. As this occurs, measurable mass consciousness achieves a slight uptick. Hence, without your grain of sand, the beach is not complete.

You see, eventually EACH AND EVERY being must step onto a spiritual path where they begin to understand the teachings of illusion on some level. As they do, they/you become part of the tidal wave of positive shift absolutely changing your world. Slow as it may seem to be occurring for some's liking, it is absolutely steady for sure.

This movement is known as the WAVE OF CONSCIOUSNESS that has been foretold to reach the planet's inhabitants around 2028. But it is NOT, and we repeat "is NOT", an overnight thing. However, it will seem this way to many while they continue to live in the illusions of your world... UNTIL they do not.

Just think how much more aware you have become in your lifetime. Some of you started that way, drifted, and came back to consciousness. Some of you have just started this magnificent journey BACK to togetherness and one-ness. Some of you have been on the path for some time now, awaiting further news of the shift.

Make no mistake, you are MOST DEFINITELY ALREADY in it. Your only job is to continue to focus on love, letting go of old stories, patterns, and ego-based dramas that no longer serve your highest good. There are many in place to help in this endeavor. We have told you that you already know who they are. You, in fact, may be one of them.

You are here, NOW, to help one another. So help one another, please. As you can sit in the company of those who share like minds, you can help each other see through the illusion and swim in the wave of change much easier. You shant drown, for you were destined to swim in the seas of consciousness and fly on the wings of love. We are here to ensure smooth sailing, and free-flying. All you need to do to meet us half way is allow.

We shall find you over and over again. Are you ready to allow us to provide what you need? If so, attune to our station, and we shall love you HOME.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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