THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/27/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


It is true. You are living in a game. This is the game of finding the middle way, or the middle path. By middle path, we are referring of course to the one that lies between "good" and evil", "right" and "wrong", bliss and sadness. It is the one that has you perhaps seeking depth and wisdom beyond your years because you know that illusion lies in form, and high truth lies in the formless.

By "high truth" we refer to man's attainment of the highest form of wisdom in a human vessel, otherwise known as enlightenment. And by formless, we refer to the formlessness of the methods by which one attains such lofty leisures, otherwise known as consciousness itself.

When the focus becomes on serving the "selves" rather than on serving the self, you have begun moving toward WE consciousness where you are looking to not only awaken the self, but where you act to serve in a way that sets an example for others to do the same. This is not your goal, of course, but rather a "happening" that occurs when you begin to find God, or the God-particle, in every person, being, and experience, and you see that God-aspect reflected back to you in the most astounding ways.

This type of experience comes on the heals of gratitude - gratitude for it ALL. And when you begin to have gratitude for it all, you begin to see everything as moving and working perfectly AS PART OF this elaborate game; all of it, simply set up for you to "get it". And then, the gratitude grows even deeper.

You begin seeing world events, affairs in government, the Earth's natural movements - all of it - you begin to see it all as a perfect love affair amongst the planet and her inhabitants setting the stage to awaken you to parts of yourself that can only be achieved as the WE gets it. This, of course, does not require the WE to awaken all at once, but as the WE begins to awaken at all, you begin to go deeper and deeper and deeper into this grateful state.

As you do, you see old systems fall. Corruption, greed, scandal, and manipulation begin to become exposed to the highest levels. This is happening so that it can be eradicated in the New World you have dreamt of for so many lifetimes. And, no, this is not a coincidence. None of this is a coincidence. In fact, that word - coincidence - is for those who refuse to awaken. Their slumber will last beyond this life, for they are not yet ready, nor do they have the grace to be yet.

Yet, they do have the grace, somewhere, somewhere in their blueprint. It simply is not occurring in the NOW moment, and this should instill an even deeper inner gratefulness. For even those asleep are showing you how to be awake.

As such, we tell you now to trust beyond trusting, and live with thankful hearts for all those who have come into your experience, either in physical form, through media outlets, or even in your meditations. Hah! Yes, even the astral plane is awakening your gratified states. If you allow this to be the case, there is nothing that cannot awaken you deeper and deeper to each and every opportunity for enlightenment in each and every moment of your existence.

Look beyond the shadows. Feel beyond the shallowness of surface-based drama.


Prophecies are unfolding for mankind to awaken. Awaken you shall! For thine truly is the kingdom, the power and the glory - now and forever - and we shall come unto thee until thee truly sees that you ARE WE, and we are thee once more. We have you, we cradle you, and we shelter you, until shelter you require no longer. But alas, with no question about it in mind, only trust in your hearts - gratitude is the way. It is the only way.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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