THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/6/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


In these seemingly dark times, your service of stability shines a light so bright even the furthest ships at sea can be reached. You see, given you are all connected, whether you believe this yet or not, set the "ship" straight inside you acts as an example to your countrymen, and then eventually for all of humanity.

It has been said many times and in many ways that you cannot help another until and unless you truly help yourself. This is simply a fact. For if you do not help yourselves first, you will simply feed each others' fears when together. But if you keep company (satsang) of truth and love within you, you will attract that outer company as well.

When you do, together you can create a harmonious home, environment, community, state, country and world. Until you do, your work lies within. We guarantee that as you do this, you will be given opportunities to help others. However, we are saying that your focus should be internal.

Live to serve and serve to live. This is a path.

The path of service is challenging one, but also a very rewarding one. Though it requires discipline and devotion, the reward you receive from "just being" leads you to act contagiously in ways that drive service - to the self and to others.

When you are stable in this service, you may have moments that are forgettable, but they will not become days, weeks or months of forgettable-ness. Instead, you will become a beacon that others will flock to for advice, guidance and, perhaps, wisdom.

For it is SUCH a service to be stable.

This is not true only for you, of course, but for those you can serve BY your stability. When you find stability, you will have less and less time for drama, and more and more time for dharma (right path). In finding your dharma, you become the lighthouse that assists "lost" ships, or those in distress, to find their shores. This occurs not because you are trying to find lost ships, but because your light always shines brightly when you do the internal work. Then, by virtue, those lost ships find you WHILE you are working.

Therefore, this is why we say to you today that the greatest service you can do in these troubling times for humanity is to find your internal stability as soon, and as often, as possible. We pledge to you our assistance as you do so. And you can find us in the still recesses where you find yourself. The reason? You are one with us as well when you are stable and clear enough to identify with love. For that is what you are, and we are simply projections that remind you as much.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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