THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/25/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Carriers of the light and just cause, stay awake, awake, awake! At this time of year, the Christ energy is re-birthed and reawakened in each soul.  To what depth you allow this unfolding is quite literally up to each of you.

As with all powerful metaphor, Christian or not, the story of the three wise men coming forward to acknowledge the birth of the King of Kings is a literal representation of the threefold flame (the Divine Spark of love in the heart required to birth anew) in mankind joyously celebrating the manifestation (i.e the number three) of the reigniting of the Christ within. For all those years ago, a single being held enough consciousness to plant a powerful seed that was to come to fruition, like the gift of a rose unfolding in Divine time some two thousand years later.


It is the destroyer, the creator, and the sustainer. It is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. It is the three-fold flame of creation energies, the Divine spark in your heart that knows the WHOLE truth, which is needed to undo the doing, create anew, restore faith and love, and sustain it for to beholden in mankind the truth that God could save itself as represented in man, even after a "fall from grace".

The Christ Light is not about a person, but about the collective. For the word "Christ" is a rank in consciousness, NOT a person. It represents the attainment of transcendence, or liberation, from this realm WHILE IN this realm.

You needn't look far to discover old systems collapsing.  Educational, financial, and religious institutions (among others) are falling in front of your very eyes - both at home and abroad, wherever it is that you believe you live.  This goes hand in hand with "climate" change.  The "weather" is changing both outside and inside. So, too, then is the climate of consciousness changing in all beings.

As we approach the New Year, 2018, you are entering a powerful transitional state in which the attainment of extraordinary higher consciousness is available. Though the true essence of who you are is not of this plane of existence, your 3D world will continue to be filled with distractions. However, be not distracted yet resolute in your continued patience with being as present as you can be, as your beloved world continues to change.  As you do so, you will be given powerful opportunities to see so clearly through the veil of illusion that you will truly begin to understand how perfect everything in your experience actually is, and your purpose, your true purpose, will begin to reveal itself like the unfoldment of the lotus.

Please keep in mind, but mostly in heart, that for millennia it has been the thousand-petalled lotus that has been associated to a human being's potential for full enlightenment. Similarly, there are many unfoldments, and many threads to those unfoldments, in and around each of you as you begin to witness yourselves again in the projected movie, called your life, playing out for you. Do not be afraid of the layers, for this is the path to enlightenment and you are all merely the first few waves of "The Awakening".

The Christ seed is strong in each of you and you each have a walk of life. In that walk of life (i.e. the work, professional or other, that you do in the world), many will be coming to you seeking the solace of the Christ energy (the three fold-flame) within you as it awakens within them. Heed this call and be of service. All of the angels in all of the heavens are backing your endeavors.

Most of all, enjoy this great awakening and all it brings with your loved ones. Experience the full breadth of your own awakening by connecting to yourself in all of them, in all of your experiences, in just ALL OF IT - period. 2018 is SO powerful. Broken down here, it is a year of completion cycles of self mastery: 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 = mirrored self for self mastery AND 1 + 8 = 9 = completion. Therefore, it is ALL a reflection of you. How well you do to see you, or versions of you, and how far you have come (or how far you can go) in your consciousness is what this year represents opportunities for.

So enjoy it all, see it as opportunity to end 3D suffering, and OH WHAT A RIDE it will be. May the fire and power of The Christ Light be strong within you, and lead you to the most powerful, brilliant and unchartered territories where you can quite literally create a whole new world for you. We are cheering for you and singing your praises, and will meet you, greet you, and uplift every step of the way. So long as you trust your heart while stepping toward us, we will ALWAYS take a thousand steps toward you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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