THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/5/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


So... you are seeing and living in older patterns these last few months even though you know (or hope) the world has shifted and continues to move toward liberation from these very things. Paradoxical, is it not? We know you are confused, but you also know that you need continual reminders. So please let this transmission act as ONE.



If you would go deep, finally, with the above message you would begin to see depths in its meaning that you missed while attempting to apply high teachings in shallow waters. IF you are to be on this path in this lifetime... a spiritual path that is... then you need to dive deep for the pearls while remembering that you know no-thing. For the minute you think you know something we guarantee it is already changing. So choose to know no-thing, except that which your heart tells you in any moment.

To this end we remind you that you have a choice in EVERY moment with regard to how you perceive your world. However, you must understand this... you must understand that that which you believe you are perceiving is not JUST based on the environments you have been exposed to in this lifetime and the morals and beliefs you have in place as a result. Your patternings, EVEN AT THE SOUL LEVEL, have been exposed to your human misgivings for millennia. Keep reading for the perfect lesson about choice here, as this transmission is not intended to be a "downer" - in fact, quite the opposite.

The interesting thing about this truth is that you keep choosing to come here to Earth to learn and move through the drama in order to step more fully into your dharma (or right path). So if you are wondering why you would choose to keep doing so, it is actually very simple. It takes lifetimes for the charge of your colored, hue-man reactions to dissipate enough that you no longer react in the same patterned ways. And when you are finally ready to have a major breakthrough, it might SEEM very charged, but that is because you are having the equal and opposite charge OF the drama in order TO break through.

Think on this a minute. All of that energy for lifetimes, FINALLY ready to MOVE. Whoah!

So... in light of this truth, which should hopefully shed some powerful light on moments you have been perceiving as dark, you ALWAYS have a choice in how you react to the world around you. You can choose to feel like a victim, or you can respond with courage as a champion of and for change.

Yes, even getting this far in your process makes you a champion for change. But, see, you did not just sign up for the small victories. You signed up for enlightenment. Given this, the powers that be need you to take your power back and cease looking for coddling. Nurturing? Absolutely. We will be there to nurture you until, how do you say, "... the cows come home". But coddling, hand-holding??? Come on folks... you can do this. It is your birthright. So you need to act like it.

We love you. But, now, you have to love you. To do that, you must accept it ALL as love. There is nothing that is not love actually. If you could understand that on any level of your being, this would all not feel so... hard. Instead, you would begin the descent into the heart from the head that feels... liberating.

You are all superstars in the making. You just need to remain steadfast. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme. This is a formulaic approach to spiritual wealth. Stick to the protocol with discipline and determination and instead of flipping houses, you will be flipping patterns on their heads and growing your spiritual bank account that brings all forms of wealth with it.

In summary, we are simply re-iterating that you must choose this path over and over again... consciously. You cannot wait for it all to happen. You must be the ONE who undoes the human doing so that you may live liberated in your heart, regardless of what others do. You have the power to do this within you, you must just simply choose to use it. As always, we will support your choices. How can we not? We love you and we are here, quite literally, to serve you. And... we chose it, because we believe in you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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