THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/16/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Loved ones, you can hear us. Yes, that is a statement, not a question. You CAN hear us. We talk to you in SO many ways through your OS's (Operating Systems). After all, you are human computers for a time, and we are in constant communication with your soul team and the satellite dish that communicates (downloads) messages to your soul. How ready you are to receive those messages... well, yes, that IS INDEED another story.

You see, in tumultuous times, you must become beings of stable coasting, rather than beings who BELIEVE they are on yet another roller coaster. Please see the difference here. One perspective has you observing and going with the flow. This is the stable coaster. The other has you in a perpetual state of "being played with" as a victim to what you perceive is happening all around you.

If you are to make it through these unsure times, you MUST become the stable coaster. Use your tools. Your breath is where you are most resourceful, and your meditations (passive and active) bring you peace in unstable times.

Do what makes you happy, and do it with love of service in heart, and allow your mind to show you the method that your heart is asking your mind to uncover for you. In this way, the monkey mind instead becomes a servant once more to the noble heart. You want not to destroy your ego, but rather to tame it, and reign it in. Believe not in us, but rather have FULL FAITH that not only do we exist, but that we are FULLY SUPPORTING your endeavors day to day.

Belief requires the mind. Faith requires it not. Yet you need a brain to understand it all, now do you not?! Ha ha - What a PARADOX!

You see, the mysteries of the Universe are meant to be. If you were meant to figure it all out, you would have already done so. After all, you cannot get THIS far without a contemplation or two about "how it all works". So being fairly intelligent as you are, and slightly more awake than the majority of people on the planet, you have to know if you were meant o have understood the mysteries, you would have already accomplished this feat.

Instead, know that the mysteries that are meant to be understood by you, will be delivered to you in Divine Timing only. This should actually ease the load of the thinking mind, as it is quite literally being told, "YOU CANNOT SOLVE ME." Ha!

But, please, let go of this SERIOUSNESS. YES, WE KNOW AND SEE THE TRAUMAS AND DRAMAS. Can you for a moment, though, consider that those are there to continually test you to find truth? We mean, come on now. If we have told you it is all an illusion, yet in the illusion man must fully overturn the soils to create anew, then you surely should be able to understand what is happening.


If you could actually make time to celebrate, while stably coasting, then you would NOT be impacted by the instability of the perceived roller coaster, because you would realize you are the one operating the ride. Therefore, you can make it go at any speed you like. This is what we mean by saying you are the creators of your own realities. What you believe, we have no control over, nor do we want it. Instead, we wish you to remember that you are the pilot and the passenger.

So what say you in your travels? Are you taking yourself to a destination paradise, or destination paralyze. Your choice. Choose wisely, and choose quickly, or it will be chosen for you... since that is what you believe if you are going on that "vacation".

So find Destination Higher Self       NOW       and welcome in the Golden Age. You have waited for this for SO long.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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  1. Hey Ray and all We the Hue-mans,
    Follow this link for a great view of what we truly are, and what we truly desire!
    Happy people dancing on the earth, courtesy of a teacher of a recent class I danced in!

    YOu may have to cut and paste, not sure how to hyperlink in a reply.

    Life is always greater than the pressures we place upon us!

    The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We are One!

    With love, peace, truth, non-violence, and correct action, from my spirit to yours!

    Sister Susan

    1. Post

      Thanks for the video, Susan. Yes, truly when people from all walks of life, from all around the world, are ready to be happy and “dance”, we will have peace. Days of unrest are numbered. But we must remain strong while the arrogance of ignorant darkness makes its final waves on its way out. Be love and hold on for the next 2 years’ time. It can be beautiful and magical now with what you know. No time for buying into any dramas. And good work!

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