THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/14/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Bright lights, it is time to accept your true nature, and your true might, now. It is the hour in which you can capture and capitalize upon your dharma. Do you remember what dharma is? It means "right path". So, yes, we are telling you that you are each at a place where you can capture and capitalize upon your dharmic path now. You need only remember how much love you are, and cease believing that you are anything BUT that love. Are you ready?

See, we know you are prepared. We have prepared you... for millennia. To be ready, though, on your plane is a state of mind apparently. So we are asking, "Do you want to do this?" You don't have to. It is not required, unless you are ready to own who you really are and celebrate it the world over with other light-bearers. Ha ha! We are serious. The masses have never been more ready. But you have to remain steadfast, and this is becoming easier. 

You see, there was a time not too long ago (as recently as the last few years) where even those slightly awake were afraid to wake up to their full potential because the world was not as open to them awakening. They thought your awakening when they had to give their way(s) of life in order to accept yours. This made it feel more isolating to you and those like you to awaken, when others (specifically loved ones) were unwilling to seemingly "allow it". However, the more the world hurts, the more humanity yearns, even unconsciously, for this mass awakening. And, hence, the perfect setup.

You see, the race knows it must awaken in order to stop the bleeding. And the messages FOR this keep getting louder and louder. It is NO coincidence that the numbers of seeming catastrophic events keeps growing. Together you have asked for change, and CHANGE HAS COME FOR YOU. How grounded you will be to receive such change, well... that remains to be seen, right?

Or does it?

You see, you can choose NOW to see the world you dream (and have dreamt of) in this VERY moment. Do not buy the hype of what you "think" you are seeing in the illusion of it all. If you are seeing tragedy, destruction, and annihilation, then you are CHOOSING to see illusion. Instead, you need to choose to see the perfection in it all.


The human mind is a tough place to exist. The ego creates all sorts of untruths to keep you feeling safe. It will beg, steal and lie to keep your system feeling like it "knows" or "understands". That is the game, folks.

But you have the power to see through the illusion, realize the game, and end it... NOW.

Question is... would you rather remain in it? Some would actually. Because it is a known, it is easier to remain in comfort of the discomfort. However, they then would never know how powerful it could be if they chose to step away from all that and allowed it to die out. They have stories that doing so is SO foreign that they are not sure they would survive that process. Which are you - the one that knows you need to step and is ready, or the one who chooses to remain in the dramas because at least they are comfortable to you?

The former will find it much easier to step away than just a few short years ago. There is truly nothing (no thing) to fear, and MANY are stepping up, making it easier and easier to find like-minded/hearted souls. And that is the whole thing right there... stepping away from the mind allows you to come directly into the heart.

In your heart, in this NOW moment, see and feel the world as you know it can be, rather than how it might appear, look, or feel to you of late. See the end from the beginning. Let you beginning be now. Why not?! What have you got to lose?

You see, you can have the world you dream of right now, if you choose to see that every opportunity you receive. Instead of asking why things are as they are, ask yourself why you are choosing to see them that way. Instead choose to see the opportunity that these events are providing the Earth's inhabitants to wake up. That IS the game. Play it with confidence. We are quite LITERALLY TELLING YOU, "This is it, people! It IS THIS simple. Cease your over-complications. You've got this."

Now, what are you going to choose to believe? Are you ready, or are you not? No need to fear if you believe that you are not ready. Simply love yourself where you are. Your time will come. It is destined. And, we are here, whether you are ready today, or whether we need to rinse and repeat 200,000 more times for you. You are worth it. And we will be ready when you are ready to own that. For you and your hearts ARE the world we dream of now.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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  1. Howdy Good Ray and All Light Beings, ALL Light Beings, Master Jesus, the Masters, Angels, and my Spirit Dog Milo Walker, and all my pals!

    I am soooooooooooooo ready to awake fully and pass my torch to ALL of US, WE ARE the Light, and I have done this for almost 40 years on this plane and really for all my soul life.

    After a 103 degree F fever for 60 hours and weeks of supposed bacterial infection, from wild animal urine of all things, I do not drink it. it exists in the soil and water and surfaces for long periods. I am sure in the woods where I exist now in hue-man form I have been exposed multiple times, however this time the EGO and MONKEY MIND were literally burnt out. BURNT OUT you get out what you put in! We put toxic fracking water into Mother Earth and well she spews indicative gases such as H2S and volcanic lava flows and plumes on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii! I visited there B4, at Hilo, at Pahoa! That is what the fever did for me not to me.

    The Ego is gone, and monkey mind cannot compete any longer.

    I am sooooooo ready to shine my Light, regardless of those in the Dark, so bring it on.

    As my dear friend soul brother Ray and beings say in this channel:

    My heart has many blessings as of late/Light, including living another day on Mother Earth School! I know it is not yet my time to leave, so get me on my dharma, or at least shove me over, to where I need to be.

    With so much love, and so much gratitude, and in so much service, how may I serve you today Creator, How?

    Love Always in All Ways,
    Sister Susan, all the Sentient Beings, and Stone People, and in honor of my Mohawk heritage where I pray to dance in a local powwow this weekend, Wake me up NOW and give me the torch and I will shine it upon WE ALL ARE ONE!

    1. Post

      Hi Susan. BE you. be IN love, meaning to be in a state of love. keep in mind and heart that even stories about your truths can be the monkey mind. just rest now, for a few minutes and see if this alone doesn’t shift you even further. if so, keep this practice up. i remember you being shown japa. i watched as you learned, as you took the sacred art of japa back into your being. use it now. it will be so powerful for you.

      EAAL ~


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