THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/21/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Ok, fellow travelers... to continue on the heels of last week's message about creating the world you dream of now, you need to know this requires focus. You must remain steadfast in your dedication to your new life. This is not something you can put your feet up for and hope the Universe will take care of you. The Universe wants to deliver for you, for everyone. But it does not care whether you take the steps necessary to fulfill your dreams or not. It will continue to run as it does, by way of energy, whether you are focused on your intentions or not. So in order to bring to yourselves the world you dream of now, you must shift the drift. 

In yoga, yogis call the focused gaze "drishti". It is the means by which you create an energy of focus based in your intentions, by withdrawing the senses from distractions that are not aligned with your intention. So, "yogis and yoginis", you must concentrate your drishti NOW. There is no more purpose in distraction, EXCEPT for distraction's sake. So if you choose to consciously go out of focus for a short break, that is one thing. But if you exist there, you will struggle in the New World.

The energy, or energies, of the New Earth - the fifth dimensional reality of love, abundance and gratitude - is upon you, even though in many instances it does not feel like that. You see, you NEED to CHOOSE to see the love, abundance and gratitude. To do so you must focus your drishti on something beyond the 5 senses.

Ironically enough, 5D reality occurs when you take all five hue-man senses and converge, or merge, them into one another creating the 6th sense of Cosmic Knowing that is beyond the F I V E. Feeling into this in a 6th-sensory state, some would call this clairvoyance (clear sight), claircognizance (clear knowing), or clairaudience (clear hearing). Of course this "clarity" we are referring to goes beyond the intellect, and comes directly from the heart. However, in your humanness, you might believe it comes from the other senses you are so used to.

Yes, this New World requires that you each begin to accept your individual gifts. To do so, you need to merge with your inner compass. No more acting from lack. For example, if everything is energy, then money is energy. If energy is abundant, then nothing is lacking... including money. Therefore, you (ENERGY!) ARE abundant. So attract abundant energy toward you, rather than lack. If you believe "lack", you achieve it. If you believe you have all you need and then some, then you achieve that.

This does not mean to toss the practical aside, but rather to utilize the heart to determine what is and what is no longer "practical". Perhaps even examine the word itself. What does practical mean? Funnily enough, your dictionaries state that practical means, "of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas". So then, folks, it is time you actually DO use your hearts - ha ha! How perfect!

To shift the drift, you must choose to exist in your hearts rather than in the sensory world of distraction. That is intended to keep humanity in its collective head. But if you flip social consciousness on itself, you can use the technologies and the toys consciously. Rather than using Virtual Reality to merely entertain, you can take a pair of goggles to a pediatric cancer ward and take a child to "Disneyland" without ever leaving the room. Or have you?

You see, "shifting the drift" and correcting course, requires only that you use your heart's imagination to exist, rather than the limited contextual states of human existence that tends to limit its experience based on what the human is told has been done or what is possible. Go beyond that. Virtual Reality goggles that take a young cancer patient to Disney without leaving the room transcends the belief that you are even IN the room. Understand?!


You are all beginning to "get it", and doing so DOES NOT require the intellectual mind, but rather the heart-based one, which has SO MUCH WISDOM.

Feel into this. KNOW it in your entire being. You are beginning to shift in tremendous ways. It was written, it is happening, you are witnessing. Enjoy the trip. In fact, make it a destination vacation where you intend not to come home, and instead leave all else behind. You will be SO much happier that you did.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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  1. Hi Ray,
    We are shifting from plankton, organisms adrift on the ocean currents, to benkton, the strong swimmers of the water world. Definitely a shift into and out of drift!

    See you in the flow, maybe counter flow, we chose the direction we wish to swim!

    To the dolphins…..

    Swimming strong in the Light,

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