THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/21/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings. Today, we tell you that you have all entered an extraordinary and powerful time with a major solar eclipse passage occurring over the entirety of the continental United States. So much so, we are requesting that you have access to part of a channeled communication from Archangel Gabriel, the Divine's Head of Angelic Communications, from the membership section of the conscious portal known as Gabriel states:

"When an eclipse occurs on your planet, whether seen or unseen, it is absolutely FELT by 100% of Earth's inhabitants in so many ways beyond general human understanding. As everything is a mirror, you need only understand what a solar eclipse is to understand the magnitude of this particular event. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely obscures the sun as viewed from the Earth while transiting directly between the Sun and the Earth. So, in essence, you have the Moon, whose Source of light is the Sun, blocking the Sun entirely, sending the Earth into darkness mid-afternoon to early evening.

My children, this is a magnificent event! If you are represented in this metaphor as the Earth, and the Moon (emotions), your alter-ego, is blocking your Source of "light", then you have a chance to own your creator-ship AS Source once and for all during this passage.

And, given that the United States will be completely eclipsed as it is in the Moon's direct path toward the event, there is great significance here as well. The US is considered the greatest of World Powers. So, while old systems continue to fall as truth begins to POUR in to the masses finally, you have an identical event occurring in your world that last occurred during the year America obtained its independence, 1776. So is the US, and the world, entering another freedom chapter? Absolutely! Freedom of the soul from the ties that bind it karmically to this plane... over and over again.

Essentially, and make no mistake, I am stating that you are truly ENTERING THE NEW WORLD.

In this new reality, and specifically as you set your intentions to FULLY embrace your shadow self and the great Dark Matter of the Universe, you become God-self as much as you are willing to accept its potential. You truly become the creator of... calm... or... anxiety. You are energetically shown that to let go, you need only accept the New World Order. Acceptance is key as you will be shown darkness, but only in a literal sense if you allow fear in."

A New World IS upon you. You can enter a fear-based state, or be and remain love and watch as an observer as the new energies that are "taking the world by storm" emerge and come into the light to be seen, felt, and hopefully understood. If not logically, THEY WILL BE understood at deep human levels.

To get what is here for each of you, you are being asked to DO nothing. For it is literally the depth of stillness you can each achieve within you AS major transformation appears to happen "out there" that this same level of transformational depth can be realized within. It is during major shift on the external that those internally still enough to see the truth WILL see it, and they will transcend the fear that many believe is their destiny.


Dear ones, with the upheaval you are seeing on your planet, and a major eclipse passage occurring over the US while a such a polarizing leader is at the helm, you have opportunities galore here. Polarization means to split into opposing groups. What, then, we ask is duality as far as you have come to understand it. Do you not see? Duality is being realized! You are quite literally observing duality at play. And, when you step into observer, you have the opportunity, especially during an eclipse passage, to completely annihilate the ideal that something ELSE has you here. And when you do, you merge again with that powerful energy, and YOU get to create your life from that point forward.


Doing so, while not buying into the seeming mayhem, will allow you to smile at consciousness defeating itself and up-leveling itself. LET GO! Allow it all and observe with love. Your love from the observer's perch can and will actually change outcomes. Believe it, or choose not to, but your belief changes not the truth. The truth is changeless. Come now, into its full embrace, and allow this shift to move you in ways you thought you only dreamed of. You have always wanted to create your destiny, well now is the time.

Step into the full knowledge of who you TRULY are on any level now, and watch your entire world shift in prosperous ways. The veils between dimensional realms are thin, and this is your GREAT opportunity to tear down the divides and bring all of those dimensions into alignment with the I AM within you. There, you will know who YOU ARE for you are I AM.

So allow your meditations and the depths they bring you toward to shine while your "moon" becomes your "sun".


With so much love in our hearts for you,


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