THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 9/4/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Every dark contains a drop of light, and every light contains the wholeness of dark. Accepting both as equally what make you who you are is an opportunity to further accept your world for what it is at any given moment.

Though there is much strife in the world, what this requires is remarkable resilience. The resilience needed has to do with EACH and EVERY soul beginning to take responsibility on the human level for their creations. To be honest, ALL of your issues are human-created, which means they must also be de-manifested, then, by the human race.

The process of awakening is not an easy path because it entails accepting human behaviors they may have been less than integral at times. However, we never said this path was for the light-hearted. What we did say, however, is that there is great atmic (regarding the atma, or soul-level essence) reward for living a life contract of in service to the process of awakening.

In fact, while the process has become known as ascension, or enlightenment, awakening is not a singular moment or experience. Rather, it is the series of enlightened moments, opening the doors to the next, and the next, and a surrender that THIS is never-ending. So there is no arriving. There is an acceptance ONLY that LOVE is running the show, whether you believe that or not.

We cannot prevent you from looking at fear and drama and buying into it. However, you can. You can choose to look at see, feel and know perfection, or you can choose to see fear and victimhood. The thing about perfection is that you need not understand its equation for it to be balanced. And, therein lies the perfection of it all.

For if you knew God's hand, you would be God, right?!

So until you are ready to become the dealer in this game, then the name OF your game is Surrender, Surrender, Surrender. Oh, and do not even think about giving up now. The dark may appear to be winning even if ONLY to give you pause to find and know your metal. For you are all Rising Stars in training. When you begin accepting that, you will be better at playing your hands, whether you believe you dealt them or not.

For now, go easy on you in these trying times. Know you are doing your best, and find kindness and compassion in your heart for you in equal measure to the way you do so for others, and you will attract more kindness and compassion to you. Know that we love and support you and we have your back... FULLY.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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