Cosmic 101 – The Mansions

Image of The Cosmic Wheel with the MansionsIn a six week series recorded in 2011, Stephanie Azaria discusses the mansions (formerly houses) and their new 5D meaning as the archetypal energies we all contain within our individual quantum energy fields.

Classes are 90 minutes. Files are in MP3 format, suitable for iTunes and other audio playing software.

Cosmic 101 Series 6 - The Mansions

In the Cosmic Consciousness system, the houses become the hours when the cosmic clock is superimposed on the birth chart. In the natal horoscope, the houses represent the areas of our lives where we go ‘out’ and experience the world, but with a more conscious approach, the houses become the mansions that express the various aspects of our conscious energy field. In this series of 6 teleconferences, Stephanie describes these 12 facets of our quantum energy field by breaking them down into the mansions of the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies. Download each class individually or buy the entire series.
ENTIRE 6 CLASS SERIESAn overview of the system including the 12 o'clock mansion through the 11 o'clock mansion.7/2011-8/2011[add_to_cart id="33179"]
Class 1: THE MANSIONS OVERVIEWIntroduction to the mansions.7/2011[add_to_cart id="33168"]
Class 2: THE SPIRITUAL MANSIONS12, 1 and 2 o'clock mansions.7/2011[add_to_cart id="33169"]
Class 3: THE MENTAL MANSIONS3, 4, and 5 o'clock mansions.7/2011[add_to_cart id="33171"]
Class 4: THE EMOTIONAL MANSIONS6, 7, and 8 o'clock mansions.7/2011[add_to_cart id="33173"]
Class 5: THE PHYSICAL MANSIONS9, 10, and 11 o'clock mansions.8/2011[add_to_cart id="33175"]
Class 6: THE MANSIONS REVIEWA review of the mansions.8/2011[add_to_cart id="33177"]