The Social Planets

Jupiter and Saturn are orbiting in the center of our Solar System, and correspondingly represent the relationship between our personal selves and the Universal Oneness we all share. Jupiter and Saturn signify the way we connect our subjective selves to the collective whole, through the development of objectivity, which is a social process. Objectivity means that we can be aware of the way others perceive us, or think about the effects that our actions may have on others. These two planets together embody the Social experience that each of us has, and they function to bring our connectedness with others to our awareness in diametrically opposed ways.

Through Jupiter, we learn to interact with others based on the experiences of growth, opportunity, childlike exploration and the expansion of consciousness, at every level. Through Saturn, we learn about relationships through such experiences as fear, restriction and limitation, oppression, handicap and the need to deal maturely with any difficult circumstance. Ideally, a balance of these two types of experience will lead to a fulfilling social experience of one self, but ultimately it is the placement of these two planets by sign, house and aspect that determines the quality and status of one's social awareness. With these two planets, we experience our lives in terms of a bigger picture, and so we gain the perspective we need to begin to comprehend the idea that a higher power is at work in our lives.