Pluto in your birth chart reveals the place where you have access to your personal power. Pluto's presence often generates the need to engage in power plays and manipulation, because of the intense desire to dominate that it produces. Pluto is another force that is more connected to the Universe than to your personal drive, and so it often causes you to have to let go and surrender to its power in order to experience your own.

Key ideas associated with Pluto: Rebirth through Loss, Grieving and Metamorphosis, transformation, drastic change, upheaval, terror, abduction, bedlam, coercion, force, atomic energy, compulsion, obsession, lust, the sex organs, sex, domination, orgies, obscenities, oblivion, the hidden, the underworld, elimination, regeneration, reincarnation, destruction, annihilation, global energies, mass movements, depth, abysses, will, going it alone, cemeteries, Hell, atrocities, carnage, flooding, earth changes, things beyond our control. People associated with Pluto are those who have power over us, despots, dictators, tyrants and Svengali types. Very magnetic people, people who transform us, psychiatrists, therapists, drug dealers, convicts, coroners, assassins, cadavers, demons, magicians, masochists, monsters, Satan, surgeons, undertakers, vampires, villains, victims.

The Transiting Pluto: When Pluto transits a particular area of your chart, there will be a major loss of some kind, and you will be forced to let go of something you thought you would want to keep around forever. The first part of a Pluto transit to any house cusp or planet in the chart, (which has three parts and lasts three years), is the experience of overwhelming forces that are way beyond your control. Something happens TO you, and you have no choice but to accept it and go on. The second part of a Pluto transit is the grieving or mourning phase, where you must come to terms with letting go of the person place or thing you wanted to hold on to forever. In this part of the process, you come to terms with the limitations of your own personal power. Understanding the finite condition of your personal power also allows you to grasp the enormity of the Universal powers that control our destiny. Self-definition at the personal power level makes for the capacity to experience a total metamorphosis of Self during the third phase of the transit. The Pluto transit is a once in a lifetime occurrence that is often compared to a trip to Hell and back again. It changes your life and the very fabric of your being forever. The more consciously you surrender to Pluto's energies, the more personal power you have access to in the end.

Ruler of the Sign: Scorpio
Ruler of the natural: 8th House
Time in each Sign: 18-20 years
Time to travel through all the Signs: 245 years
Retrograde cycle: Once a year [for 5 months]