Spiritual Power

 12 o'clock hour

Main Purpose: To perfect the quality of your connection to Source and to access the highest authority within.



December 22 - January 19

The ring of constellations that surrounds the Earth, providing the backdrop for our day-to-day experience, has been known as the zodiac since Babylonian times..  The word Zodiac means ‘ring of animals, which have long been designated as symbols for the Sun signs. The Sun signs are recognized as Son signs in Cosmic Astrology, representing the various aspects of our higher consciousness. These qualities are the key to our awakening process. The Sun/Son is the center of our solar/soular system. Every year at the Winter Solstice the Sun rises at its lowest point in the sky (in the Northern Hemisphere), remaining at this low point for three days until, on Christmas Day, it begins to rise a little higher each day, until it reaches its highest point, at the Summer Solstice. This is the familiar story of the Sun/Son that has been with us from the beginning. Thus, Cosmic Astrology begins at the Winter Solstice, Capricorn, which is called the 12 o’clock hour in the new system. We follow the Sun’s journey, beginning at this 12 o’clock hour, through each of the aspects of consciousness (the signs) each year.

The resurrection of the Son in Capricorn is the logical starting place for the  Cosmic Astrology system.  At the highest level of your being you are one with Source. Capricorn represents Divine Power, the part of your spiritual body where this connection exists.  This aspect of your higher consciousness can be recognized as  the Great Divine Director.  Within this quality of your consciousness you access the Executive Director within, taking the leap from the goat that spends his life climbing to the top of the mountain into the one who has achieved the goal. At the 12 o’clock hour, which corresponds to the Midheaven, or the top of the birth chart, your crown chakra activates, and you establish your connection to Source.

Wherever Capricorn is in your birth chart, you have the greatest capacity to connect with the highest level of authority that you contain. This is the area of your consciousness that knows itself to have the command to create its experience; it is where you are highly empowered.  If you have chosen the Capricorn identity for this lifetime, it is your evolutionary purpose to explore the principle of your own authority and empowerment for the entire course of your lifetime, and to activate it and take responsibility for it.


Famous Capricorns

Muhammed Ali, John Edgar Hoover, Mother Meera, Jeanne Dixon, Joe Frazier,

Janis Joplin, Henri Matisse, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Denzel Washington, Carlos

Castaneda, Nostradamus, Isaac Newton, JRR Tolkien, Paramhansa Yogananda,

Martin Luther King Jr., Jim Carrey, Ramana Maharshi