Emotional Love

7 o’clock

Main Purpose:  Where you spread positivity by giving of yourself selflessly.



July 22 – August 21


In Cosmic Astrology Leo is the sign of Inner Gratitude. It is the place where you learn to recognize the positivity in anything and everything you experience. There is a blessing to every situation you encounter, as it is all part of the Divine Plan. Knowing this is the beginning of joy, because it frees you from the need to understand and to control your world. Once you are emotionally attuned to the perfection of the Divine Plan you begin to generate a positivity that is contagious, much like the Sun shining brightly in the middle of the day.  Assuming a positive approach empowers you and everyone whose life you touch. This is true service. The Lion becomes the Life Force, the heart of every situation, , affirming life and Love and bringing the goodness of all things front and center.


Leo is the 7 o’clock hour, corresponding to the 2nd house of the birth chart. In the 2nd house you develop your values and your level of self-worth. Beginning with a positive outlook and a belief that it’s ‘all good’ is a strong basis for the kind of self-esteem that generates abundance, not only for the self, but for anyone around you. Gratitude is the foundation of happiness and joy, and these become possible when we move beyond self-centeredness to the awareness of the bigger picture. Only then can we become central to the picture, the way the Sun is the center of everything.


Wherever Leo is in your birth chart you are challenged to move beyond self-focus to the greater awareness of the perfection of the Divine Plan. The Leo area of your energy field is where you ultimately offer your Light in service to others.  If that Light is colored with self-importance it is not delivering all that it can.  Here is where we learn that everything has a silver lining, and knowing this and learning to locate that positivity is all it takes to be a powerful force for good in the world. If your Sun sign is Leo you have chosen to learn the value of service in this lifetime by coming to realize that being Loving is the highest form of giving there is.



Famous Leos


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Halle Berry, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, Lucille Ball, Whitney Houston, Percy B. Shelly, Robert Redford, Gene Roddenberry, Helena Blavatski, George B. Shaw, Carl G. Jung, Yves St. Laurent, Sri Aurobindo, Fidel Castro, Cocoa Chanel, Napoleon, Barack Obama