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MakeMake (pronounced MAH-keh MAH-keh - "e" is pronounced "ay") is the Polynesian name for the Creator God of humanity in the mythology of the South Pacific island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). MakeMake was discovered on March 31, 2005. It has an orbital period of 309 years. So far, MakeMake is the third largest discovered object in the Kuiper Belt after Pluto and Eris. For the time being, it is visually the second-brightest Kuiper Belt object after Pluto. MakeMake is 2/3 the size of Pluto, and it has a tiny moon, nicknamed MK2, estimated to be about 100 miles wide, or about a tenth the size of MakeMake, which is about 870 miles wide.

When MakeMake was first discovered astronomers gave it the nickname ‘Easter Bunny’. When it came time to give it an official name, those same astronomers chose MakeMake, specifically because that is the name of the Creator God of Easter Island. That makes logical sense out of the name choice, but there is also the zeitgeist of the situation to consider, because that always helps us to realize the truth about any archetype. Here is one of the main stories that relates to the island of Rapa Nui….

The Bird-Man Competition:

An annual ceremonial competition was held on Rapa Nui, in which islanders would compete to be the first to get a sea swallow egg from a precarious breeding site of the seabirds at the tiny islet of Moto Nui. This was a high-adventure contest requiring contestants to traverse dangerous cliffs and swim through shark-infested waters—needless to say not all contestants survived. The winner was honored with the title Tangata-Manu (Bird-Man). The chief of his clan was given control of the Rapa Nui people for the year. The last Bird-Man competition took place as late as 1867. The Tangata-Manu competition was part of the Make-Make tribe of Orongo Village.  (Reference: "The Mystery of Easter Island 1919"  by Katherine Routledge)
This story about the civilization of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) illuminates the way MakeMake functions. It deals with the interconnectedness of all things, such as nature and humanity, and it points to certain human experiences, such as competition and the role of leadership. The story points to the dangers that are inherent in any journey to the top, and to the need to manage all our resources at the 3D level. Our purpose is directed by listening to and heeding omens expressed in the natural world (the Laws of Nature). From there, we gain clarity about how to make use of the resources available to us. The real resource at the 5D level is the capacity to realize that we attract what we require with our consciousness. Eventually we become aware of the higher Truth that we are always creating the experiences that help us to evolve. This is the Law of Spiritual Attraction, and it is another one of the all-encompassing universal laws. MakeMake represents ALL the universal laws, including the Law of Love (that Love is the Law and everything is Love), the Law of One (that nothing is separate from anything else), and much more.
MakeMake is an archetype that expresses the 5D consciousness of Saturn. Where Saturn represents rules and regulations, laws and authority, politics and the fear-based struggle for power, MakeMake represents cosmic order, the divine laws of nature, the equality that exists between true authority and service, and the balance of power. It refers to the incredible integrity that belongs to a soul who honors the cosmic order of things. Such a soul understands and flows with the rhythm of nature, and this consciousness is what ultimately brings about a healthy ecology for the planet on the physical plane. In this way,  MakeMake brings the cosmic structure of the universe to our conscious awareness, always encompassing the divine laws.
Once we are awakened to the more universal laws, MakeMake’s role as the higher octave of Saturn brings the collective consciousness to the resolution of current leadership issues, notably around the rule of law, civics, and the administration of areas involving economics, ecology and human survival. Saturn’s rules, which are too numerous to name,  tend to apply to vast numbers of separate situations. The universal laws that MakeMake represents hold true for everything everywhere all the time, and are that much more easily applied to any circumstance that requires a higher, more conscious application.

MakeMake’s Transit through Libra:

MakeMake entered Libra on July 15, 2015, and will remain in this sign until 2046. Throughout this period of time, the cosmic laws, the natural order of things, and the divine masculine/feminine balance will become the focus for the new world. The Divine Laws will supercede the Rule of Law in our collective consciousness.  Interestingly, Saturn is most resourceful in Libra, giving a kind of special resonance to these two archetypes at this time.
The moment Saturn moved into Capricorn (12/20/17), this connection to MakeMake became an all important theme. In order to make use of the universal laws, we will spend Saturn’s transit through Capricorn (2017 - 2020)  identifying and surrendering old emotional patterns and selfish motives, giving up lower-self attachments, and learning to achieve Self-empowerment.
We must go through Uranus to get to the higher Self. For too long Saturn has usurped the role of ‘father’. This happened when he castrated his father Uranus and began masquerading as the real authority figure for all of humanity. But the restoration of these two archetypes has officially begun. Uranus is being restored to his archetypal ‘Father of the Heavens” role (through a series of grand manifestations occurring in 2017- 2018), allowing Saturn and Uranus to reclaim their original father-son relationship, . As Uranus remembers his own empowered state, his lightning bolts awaken us with insights into the more universal Truths of MakeMake. In Cosmic Consciousness, Libra is the sign that is known as ‘the mirrored Self’. MakeMake in Libra offers us the chance to look at the state of the world and realize the Self reflected in it. It then becomes possible to fully remember the Laws that have guided all of life on Gaia and the universe from the beginning, and to make use of them once again.  
MakeMake has recently transited the Super Galactic Center (2015 and 2016), the black hole at the center of our home supercluster Laniakea. Thus MakeMake has already transformed the way we perceive cosmic order and the laws of nature, including the shift from gender to non-gender, the considerable expansion of the awareness of animal consciousness, and ultimately the end of the ecological problems on this planet. The restoration of our ecological systems is a part of this new archetype’s realm.We are currently awakening so thoroughly to the Truth of our inner authority that the divine and cosmic laws are becoming our focus.
The balance of male/female energies, the balance of mind and heart--of doing and being--are very much a part of MakeMake's domain.  Since Libra houses the Divine Feminine portal in the Cosmic Consciousness system, the transit of MakeMake through Libra is bringing the experience of the Divine Feminine forward. We must birth the new order from the inner divine feminine Self, because it is the feminine that births everything. But the balanced male/female Self is the ultimate outcome of this shift. The Feminine ascension is essential but it is not meant to dominate the masculine. Ultimately the balanced male/female Self is the Truth of our existence.
MakeMake has been traveling outside the ecliptic for many years, and was out of bounds when it was discovered in 2005. That means that this archetype has been moving through uncharted territory for a long time, and it makes sense that we discovered it in this condition. It is due to return to the ecliptic on August 25, 2019. At that point, all we have awakened to regarding personal and collective mastery of the universal laws becomes our new way of life.

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