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    AN UPDATE FROM  STEPHANIE: I am recovering slowly but surely, still having some trouble with my eyes, waiting, according to doctor's orders, another few weeks to see if things get better. The sabbatical I've been on is doing me a world of good. I am feeling far more buoyant and hopeful for the future and what it holds. I am incredibly grateful to Shelly for holding down the fort for me as she has, and for all the others who contribute to the site on a regular basis.

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    Today is a busy day, with two new cycles and three aspects for the Black Moon and four for Mercury. The Sun Ceres new cycle kicks it off, initiating us into a new chapter of awareness and renewed life force geared towards allowing Source/Love into our thoughts. It takes discipline, but that’s the key to Self-realization.

    The Black Moon makes a Light Bridge to Haumea, with Pluto intersecting. It is their last interaction. Being able to see how everything we are experiencing fits together into a perfect Whole elevates our frequency, and allows for the transformation that must occur. The theme of rebirth is everywhere.
    Black Moon leaves Aries for the last time, entering Taurus, where she will unite with Uranus and Sedna twice during the month. Her first aspect in the sign of conscious obedience to our inner guidance system is a manifestation with Ixion. It reminds us that our intuition is a big part of our inner purpose and we can’t go wrong if we follow it.
    That leaves Mercury, whose new cycle with Salacia reintroduces a lightness into our thinking processes, a way of loosening up the high frequencies that surround us. Just about all the aspects today have at least one planet in Aries, and that is a lot of dynamic fire energy. Salacia reminds us to play, or at least lighten up, as nothing is permanent. In his travels today Mercury makes a stepping stone with Quaoar, a Light Bridge with MakeMake, and a great eliminator with Vesta, signifying the restless, ever-changing nature of Mercury coupled with our capacity for innovative thought, all part of perfect divine order.
    There’s no telling what we can accomplish if we open ourSelves to these higher frequencies.
    Here are Ellias Lonsdale’s mediations for the Sun Ceres and Mercury Salacia new cycles, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

    Aries 18: A jellyfish.

    (Sun Ceres new cycle)
                   "Sensing through every pore something coming through which is spine-tingling, way out there, wild and huge, and not to be contained within the pattern and the meaning of ordinary human life. Being alive to what wants to and needs to stream through us and reveal into us the mysteries of life.
                   Having this uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time to take through the self vital forces, subtle messages, and pivotal dynamics. Just hanging in the breeze with all those intimations and gleanings. What are they for? What is this really about?
                   Remaining suspended inside of everything without preferences or biases, special pleadings or clear direction. Not being drawn to harness the power or to capitalize on this position. Instead, feeling almost obligated to stay with it purely and keep on tuning in and letting existence play through as it will, as it must.
                   An extraordinary vantage point. Awareness that is cellular, body-alive, sparkling with vibrancy and pulsations. A level of mind warp. Nothing fits the usual pictures. All of it is happening right here now, carving out a space for the unknown, turning us into vessels for something unborn, out of the way, fascinating and compelling.
                   Definitely an over-the-edge sensation, bordering on out of control, or shall we say, more than we can handle. Stretching the fiber of the separative self to the limit. Blown open to something by destiny which cannot be explained, justified, proved. It cannot be ignored or pushed away.
                   The exquisite experience, when we are ready for it, of being free from any restrictive contained frameworks and all less than, secondary visions. Being cast loose to pick up on the whole story, just as it is. Running out of hiding places and excuses.
                   Walking a razor’s edge between and among worlds. Threshold sensibility to the numinous and the bizarre. Up for grabs, yet irrepressibly free."

    Aries 6: An aquamarine in a woman’s navel.

    (Mercury Salacia new cycle)
                "I live in a body. I am this body. What she makes me do, I do. What she lets me feel, I feel. Her destiny sparks me. I am all body.
                   Being completely this way, I assert something by my presence, which is catalytic, and wildly compelling. I won’t inhibit or restrict the power of what streams through me. It is glorious to fire someone up. I don’t mind provoking, enticing, or doing whatever it will take to get the energy moving and make my point.
                 I am here to activate potential. I am here to generate results. I have no concern with the complex civilization considerations. I will win though. There is no other outcome I will accept.
                   My great desire is to make others feel as I feel, to spread the word. I am running against the grain of convention, morality, and standards--the big things others bow down to. And so I will be put through a lot of shit around here. That’s just the way it is.
                   I have learned to go with what my belly shows me, to trust that instinct and not go against it. I have discovered that if I do so, I am infinitely empowering. And if I don’t, I drain vitality. I take away from things.
                   I must be on with the current of life full force. Even if I live to be 120, each day of my life must be here-now passion enacted. Staying on the hot wire, I can feel the burning. I can know I’m meant to be alive. And I can know that whatever I need to do, it’ll happen. Just the sweet sensation of doing what I came here to do, each and every time, that’s it!"

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