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    HERE'S MORE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS FROM  Shelly LealJan Finley, Christine ClemmerSonreya, Beth Nolte, Cari Campbell and Bernice Kadatz!

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    AN UPDATE FROM  STEPHANIE: I am recovering slowly but surely, still having some trouble with my eyes, waiting, according to doctor's orders, another few weeks to see if things get better. The sabbatical I've been on is doing me a world of good. I am feeling far more buoyant and hopeful for the future and what it holds. I am incredibly grateful to Shelly for holding down the fort for me as she has, and for all the others who contribute to the site on a regular basis.

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    Quaoar’s stepping stone with Salacia and Mercury’s manifestation with the Great Attractor injects some very high frequency energies into the atmosphere, as a precursor to the New Moon that occurs at 23° Aries, which is right around the degree of so many Black Moon Eris communions. With Eris conjoining the New Moon, this lunation is a powerhouse of creative potential if handled consciously.

    Eris is a huge player in this lunation. She conjoins it, resourcing Jupiter and manifesting with Juno. Who we are, what we identify with, and how we relate to all of it is about to get shaken up in a major way. This is a necessary step to discovering our inner strengths and where our true heart lies.
    In Cosmic Consciousness Aries is the sign of Mental Power, and there’s plenty of it with 6 planets surrounding the Sun Moon new cycle. The closest planets to the Sun and Moon are Ceres and Eris, the 5D archetypes of birthing a new life and disruption leading to awakening. When something new comes into our lives it disrupts our usual way of being and sharpens our focus, lifting us up to a new level. This New Moon is like that. Creation begins with a thought; what new creation do we want to enter into our lives? This is a good time to make a vision board for your intentions for the rest of the year.
    When we remember that Love pervades everything at all times, and we have the power to instill it in our thoughts at any moment, we open to the alchemy that Love brings.
    To read more about this powerful lunar event, please check out my Cosmic Consciousness Monthly report, Christine Clemmer’s Weekly column and Beth Nolte’s New Moon article.
    Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s mediation for the Aries New Moon, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. It is simply amazing!

    Aries 23:        A bottle labeled: Drink Me.

                   "The capacity to change. The endlessly plastic protoplasmic willingness to take on any size or definition for the time for as long as it serves. When dunked into a given form and style, it will play out as thickly that way as could be asked. Soon, though, the roles will turn around. What seemed to be this way may well become a whole other way, with precious little memory of what came before.
                   When this gets going, it can become a frenzy of instant shifts and quick changes. When it slows down and deepens, it can arise into life wisdom and the most astounding skills and gifts. Everything depends upon pacing. This requires an inward rudder to guide the deepening process, and sometimes getting to the point of respecting and acknowledging the presence of the inward rudder is half the battle.
                   Circulating between failure and success, chaos and structure, shadow and light. Being conversant with every side and dreaming into every facet. Learning through experience the hard way what pans out and what is just a passing fancy.
                   Developing eventually the ability to wait, to reflect, to be unattached. This makes a world of difference. Then getting swallowed up in a given passage is no longer a blind ally. There is space and breath, freedom to move and freedom to not move yet.
                   Just to be able to hold the edge, to keep a taut line of attention and responsiveness is really what it’s all about. By observing, witnessing, appreciating what is coming through, we gain the leverage we badly need. As soon as the compulsiveness quotient gives way to the destiny aliveness quotient, we switch from bondage to liberation.
                   The free version looks and feels and is as good, as bright, as worth it as ever believed. For this free version partakes of the struggle along the way and never betrays it. We just get a little smarter and more surrendered, and we let everybody do it through us."



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