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    A new message from Stephanie:  

    Stephanie is always available for readings: Learn more here. Please email  for an appointment.

    If you requested a free session during the last couple of months please know that Stephanie is working to get to everyone who asked. It’s a long list so please be patient. She will reach out to you. And thank you once again for your continued support

    To all my faithful readers and members of The Cosmic Path community: As you know, I have been having health issues for several months that have prevented me from my beloved writing and teaching. So it’s with a breaking heart I announce that I’ll be shutting down the website temporarily so that I can fully deal with these issues. I plan to return in some form but I’m not sure when.

    It has always been my dearest wish to share Cosmic Consciousness with you, and I thank you all for your love and support while patiently waiting for me to heal. It means the world to me, and I can't do it without you. I humbly ask my faithful readers and clients to stick with me by continuing to support me for a while longer during this process. If you are not so inclined, there will be a link for you to cancel your membership.

    I plan to be available for readings and will be offering webinars, so please watch for upcoming announcements.

    I want to thank everyone involved with keeping the website going for these past few months. There is no way to express my appreciation to Jan Finley, Christine Clemmer, Beth Nolte, Bernice Kadatz and Cari Campbell for their brilliant contributions, and to Kim Gorgo, my long time webmaster, who keeps it all together. And I’m especially grateful to Shelly Leal for her insightful writings, editing, and posting what you get to see on The Cosmic Path. I have been blessed with an an amazing team and I hope to continue working with them all in the future.

    Cosmic Consciousness will endure! Christine’s Weekly column will continue to be offered freely on her site, posted as The Weekly Navigation Report at Her Daily Calibrations are still offered freely as well, live each morning via Zoom at 7amPT/ 10amET. Readers can email her directly to be placed on that private mailing list, and/or to schedule a 5D reading at

    Jan can be reached at for information regarding her upcoming website You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

    Cari can be contacted at

    For chart casting and readings based in Cosmic Consciousness email Beth at

    Shelly can be reached at for charts, readings, editing support, and to keep up to date on where her astrological writings will appear. Her other insights can be found on her blog, The Other Side of 60, for Shelly's upcoming new website Cosmic Harmonies.

    I will keep you updated and until then sending so much love to you all...

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    1. I have been a fan for years I just want to say “Thank you, Stephanie”. I wish you healing and best wishes during this difficult time.

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