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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon enters Sagittarius: 8:49am
  • Moon Void of Course: 2:27am – 8:49am
   Black Moon turns direct in Pisces

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There's a lot going on today, many major aspects taking place, but by far the most significant is the Black Moon's station, at 26 Pisces. this is the last time the Black Moon will station in Pisces, the sign that represents the universal consciousness of humanity. As she makes her way back toward the World Axis, (she moves back into Aries on Thursday), watch for all the incredible confusion that has plagued us for the past few years to clear up and come into full blown focus. There is that extra element of the unexpected, courtesy of Uranus/Albion stationing this past week. Today Mercury manifests with both of these archetypes, adding more dimension and surprise than we might feel we can handle. But of course, we can... WE CAN....

It's an interesting moment when the President continues to bring his by now well known repertoire, believing we will all allow him to get away with his movements, but we can already see that what has worked in the past is no longer holding up. I prefer not to get into the details.. I think you all know what is going on. The Truth is about to be revealed, in such a way that those who have perpetrated the lies have become so comfortable and confident in their process that they won't see the fact that they have been unveiled.
It's a true case of the Emperor without his clothes. The Black Moon at 26 Pisces is THE GREAT UNVEILER. She has been hard at it for years. And she is nothing if she isn't well prepared. If you listen closely you will hear the music in the background that sounds eerily like a death march...because it is.
I am rarely so emboldened to speak so directly, but this is, I tell you, pure channel. I am never too reticent to speak when I know I am channeling, because I have the deepest faith in that inner voice that is unequivocally connected to the Masters. This is a moment of no return. Stand back and watch. No matter how horrified you may be. No matter how much you want to cry out at the unfairness of it all. IT IS NOT UNFAIR. It is balancing out the ledger. We must let the pendulum swing and KNOW that on the other side of this world axis transit is a brand new world.
Are you ready?


"Everything is a Portal... especially the things you find most uncomfortable.
Dissolve into it.
The Truth you long for lies on the other side of your resistance.
Awakening is a series of Softenings.
Just Surrender to it all and see what happens."
~ Naela Rose (Thank  you Maria Tewlos)

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  1. Stephanie-
    Much gratitude for speaking so directly! TRUTH is the great cleanser — and the breath of fresh air we all need. 🙏❣️

  2. SPIRAL LIGHTS ON MARS: NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has discovered something unexpected on Mars–and researchers are struggling to explain it.
    “There is a vast spiral of ultraviolet light over Mars’ South Pole,. We understand the origin of the light, but its shape is a mystery.”

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