• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Pisces: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 6:6 Star Gate



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”.I also wanted to mention something interesting I thought about related to the number 13 and to our consciousness about snakes. Isn’t it interesting that both have been seen by great numbers of people as wicked or evil or related to darkness? It’s almost as if we were forced (we forced ourselves) to look away from or be blinded to the very ideas, concepts, situations, insights that would illuminate the truth of who we are, how we are connected, and where we actually exist.” Vicky Lynn Macchione

I love your comments, because they spark me to bring up important observations and revelations that are coming fast and furious these days. This inversion of sacred, holy symbols has been the exact way the powers that be have steered us so unwaveringly toward the fear based experience, from the moment we fell. Every symbol that has ever represented the dark side is a pure, consecrated icon that has been deliberately and sometimes literally turned inside out or upside down. Such is the power of symbols.

And this is why I am on a tear to plant the new astrology system, which from now on I will call Cosmic Consciousness, or something close to that, into the collective consciousness. A language of symbols id very much like the 5D experience. Potent and powerful and the energetic in its capacity to represent the Oneness of all things.

The snake has been a huge influence during this last 12,000 years or so. Since we ‘fell’ into the 3D experience of separation and fear. Because of its perceived enormous power, which we sensed automatically, once feeling split apart from the Unity, we automatically bestowed the ‘idea’ of the with the supremacy of something we perceive to be larger than we are. Of course, that is impossible, and all that snake has every stood for is the reflection of the huge capacity for negativity inherent in each of us.

We can perceive this now, because we can remember who we are. If we shift our gaze from what has been negative to what is absolutely positive, (Source, Love, Light), then the shadow of the negative symbol goes away, and we can see in an instant both the truth of this energy and the Truth that is ours to reclaim.

All duality is a thing of the past, and the past is a place where we used to live. We are not connected to it any more. It’s an old address. This is the most important thing to remember as we move through this releasing process, leaving behind all the ancient attachments and fear-based habits we have taken on, because we remember now that they are not at all necessary.

There are only a few planetary connections today, but they are really significant ones. The second of three Jupiter Chiron squares, with Jupiter pulling into his station to go direct in just two weeks. The archetype of Wisdom and Knowledge within is about to activate that eclipse point (from November 29), and a major growth spurt will manifest, ready or not.

Don’t kid yourself, you were born ready.

Two other important events occurs today: Mercury and Venus come together at the outer edges of the ecliptic, which implies that a major realignment of mind/heart consciousness is in the works. Mercury and Venus are definitely working together these days, interacting with the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Finger of God that is ongoing till the Spring Equinox.

I recently put up Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for both Saturn and Pluto, and promised to put up Jupiter. I am going to reprint 7 Gemini, which is actually the degree of the station on January 30th, and is the one I am intuitively being called to offer up. (I have not looked at it yet, I promise).

The other event, before I put it up here, is that the Pisces Moon crosses the exact middle of the ecliptic and connects with Uranus by contraparallel (polarity) this morning, and parallel (conjunction) tonight. This promises to make for a whole lot of extraordinary revelation during the course of our journey across our own limitless sea of potential

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for Jupiter’s upcoming station, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks</em. Please keep in mind that this is the eclipse degree and also the place where the Finger of God points… It is essential to grasp this and integrate it as best you can into your consciousness….

Gemini 7: A table comes to life and runs away.

”Knowing how to do it already. Always having done these things before. The only way now to move beyond the tried and true routine is to step out into wild new cycles in whichever direction promises a fresh start, an open portal, a possibility never previously grasped.

A tremendous aptitude for taking up something novel. An overwhelming difficulty with sticking to what is no longer alive. And most powerfully, a perpetual shuttling back and forth between old familiar safe worlds and patterns and daringly different emergent places to be, with the need to touch back into what might still be a container, and the impulse to break out of such places and move along in the outrageous irrepressible style of one who has no past and only a future.

Sparkling responsiveness to opportunity and challenge. A wayward, impulsive propensity for pushing it. Willing to take risks to do whatever it takes. Propelled by curiosity and fascination with the unknown.

A very hard path, in terms of putting it all together. The moment is marvelous. The charm is contagious. The talents are numerous and prodigal. Yet the ability to hold a focus and be committed to life in this earth in a real way is minimal.

A spicy dish. Fast, sharp, on top of things. Best really at making a break for it. Able to sustain this impulse if one can find a new world to be in, which truly has room for perpetual self-recreation. In negative situations, susceptible and suggestible. Under the right conditions, the brightest of free spirits.

Incapable of confining the native. Not to be tamed. A tremendous vital spark which just has to keep on sparking.”

>em>” Oh! I’ve been meaning to tell you for the longest time that… well… concerning the illusions: time and space, the stars at night, the earth under your feet, the oceans, the rivers, the prairies, and everything under the sun…
They’re a-l-l-l-l yours.

Guess I thought you’d have noticed by now.

Oh, yes they are – “
The Universe (Mike Dooley) www.tut.com

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