• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Gemini: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • SATURN STATION: 12:03pm
  • Hidden 2:2 Star Gate
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate



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Here’s a real 5D statement: The limitless field gets even bigger today as the Sun moves into Pisces, adding to the vastness of the universal oneness in ways that relate to energy, warmth and Light. The Sun is the life-giver, and wherever we find it, we can become more conscious and more alive. In this sense the limitless field gains breadth and depth today, and we get to partake of this great gift. And- it is here, in this Piscean mansion in each of our own conscious energy fields, that a great expansion continues to perpetuate itself, despite a distinctly growing feeling that contraction is imminent.

It is not. It only FEELS that way because we are used to that rhythm. It is not where we live any more. The past USED TO be connected to the present, but here, this vast here and now 5D realm, the past does not exist, except as a place where we once lived. It is ‘back there’, ‘behind us’, and there is no going back. Well, that’s not exactly true. There is only one means of transportation back to the past,… fear based energy.

The moment fear takes hold of your mind, you will find the expanded parameters of the 5D realm gone for a little while. For as long as it takes you to notice and choose again. This is an interesting day, because it starts out with a Moon Uranus sextile, which is magical, if not a bit disruptive, and a Moon Jupiter conjunction, which is multidimensional in Gemini, and more than a little expansive and abundant. Then the Sun enters Pisces and the gates open on the limitless potential those earlier aspects set up energetically. We get to bask in these energies all morning, and then, at 12:03pm EST, Saturn stations and we come to the end of the line. This end may feel like a screeching halt, or it may simply feel too definitive, too small or too restrictive a place to be.

It doesn’t matter, because we are where we are. Saturn’s station urges us to take our newfound creational skills in hand and begin to have a closer look at them, work with them, get them more full aligned with our own purpose. Saturn is in Scorpio, working very profoundly with Pluto in Capricorn for years to come, and tis indicates tremendous transformation at the level of what we think of as authority, and the definition of the 3D realm. It is already plain to see how the structure of authority on this planet is changing.

It won’t help to project your desires onto the screen of the world stage, you can’t change on thought in another’s head. What you can do though, is bring your heart to all you do, and let your Love Light shine so brightly no one can deny you’re there. Though many will close their eyes, it isn’t about you, it’s all about their own incapacity to take in the Light in the way that you offer it.

It’s fine, it’s perfect the way it is. Never go to someone else’s truth to accommodate them, but certainly allow for them to be wherever they are, and continue to love them for exactly who they are. In this way unconditional Love can speak or itself, can prove its power to anyone who can experience it.

This station marks the beginning of a 5 month period that will see women and men equally emotional and ready to move into the higher Self. Hold your space, because if you don’t who will?

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the degree of today’s Saturn Station, 12 Scorpio, reprinted from his book Star Sparks, with his kind permission…

Scorpio 12: A young man with a frail body but a beautiful and noble face.

”His very existence in a body is endangered, is fragile, is tenuous. His inward life as a free spirit is grounded, intensively real, as solid and substantive as his outward form belies.

For he inhabits the most peculiar of destinies. It is as though he were two beings in one. The trapped personal soul in the body has the hardest time with the simplest matters. They have been long abandoned, plunged into frequencies they cannot endure. Yet this pattern seems inevitable, unavoidable, nothing to do anything about other than barely survive it and keep on making room for the other being.

The wakeful star soul seeking spirit substantiation is able to wander, to roam, to be multiple, and to work for everything that is redemptive and regenerative. Their spin is their quintessential capacity for getting to the heart of things. The inward knowingness of the being inside is from some other world long ago.

Is this split wrongful, repressive, a mistake? Should the worlds come together and form something more basically visible and less tortuous?

Probably not. To live this way is sometimes the very best approach to take when we do have two distinct worlds to serve and an inward necessity to stay with both of them and not try to do anything fancy or push the situation which is already over that edge every time.

He is both of his divergent sides, not one or the other. His manifest embodiment is certainly a far cry from the inner reaches tapped and known so closely. Yet in the balance of this peculiar destiny, being two souls in one body is a special mutation that does the work required.”

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