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  • Moon in Aries: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 4:02am - Midnight
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate

Aquarian BlastLighting-VaticanPlease join me for my Spring Equinox Teleconference, on Sunday, March 17th, at 7pm EDT. Every Equinox and solstice this year holds essential life-altering energies that help us unlock our new 5D potential and emerge into the new world. This Spring Season offers an expansion into Self unlike any we’ve ever seen. You can join me live on the teleconference call, or register to receive the recorded MP3 right away. We’re headed for another worm hole too… What better time for all this information than just as Mercury goes direct! Go to http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/events?ee=25 to register…



Celebrate the Spring Equinox and your life and Manifest the Dream.
With Spring on the way, along with all of this expansive, limitless energy that we are swimming in, I offer you another opportunity to re-ground your body and energy deep into the earth, expanding your crown, while centering you in your heart. Allow your greatest truth and highest vision to emerge nudging you forward with the greatest strength and courage as the fear dissolves away. The stronger your foundation (feet) the more flow of light and consciousness will move through you clearing out the debris and toxins. Put the Spring back into your step!
**please note there is no web or phone connection needed for this healing. All that is required is your presence and intention. You will be emailed the instructions on how to prepare the day before the event.

Go to http://www.drsherrigreene.com/event-registration/?ee=6 to register!


I don’t know about you, but yesterday was quite the bumpy ride for me. The Aries introduction might have been softer had the Moon arrived first, but with Mars’s entry coming inside that void Moon it was more like a rude awakening. I woke up and promptly spilled a cup of coffee all over all my machinery. (I do make it appoint to be fully present, and I did it with full consciousness as a result!). The rush of Aries energy proved a lot for me after all that Piscean lull. It got worse.. I lost some of my machines.. I had to buy a new phone in a retrograde Mercury! It just goes to show you sometimes you have to do what you have to do, no hesitating. I hit myself in the face with my phone! (All very Martian, huh?), and my muscles went in to a cramp mode I never dreamed existed… all day long.

There are solar flares that are very active right now, a comet that is making an appearance daily this week, world leaders are leaving, we’re about to meet a new Pope, the creatures of the sea are doing very strange things and we are at the birth canal, the zero point, the alpha and omega, and we have arrived here with more consciousness than ever before.

All the planets are about to move into Aries. The Sun and Venus next week, followed shortly thereafter by Mercury. This will mark the Equinox, which sets the stage for a series of conjunctions from each of these inner planets, rulers of the etheric body system, with Uranus the Great Awakener and new Father figure to our new age consciousness. And Uranus is busily connecting with Eris in everybody’s chart… producing a great human chain of awakening.

The next few weeks bring a tremendous turning point to humanity, on every level, no matter which Earth you’re living on. For those of you reading this column, it’s as though a huge wave has hit the shore, and it will spend the next 2 weeks or so gathering a new momentum, preparing to leave with us upon it. Just remember that we are not separate from the wave, we ARE the wave, and as long as we are conscious of that unity, we are ready to go.

The Solar Flare and the comet are x factors, much like Uranus, adding dimension and significance to all that happens from here. It’s vital to remain still, (the Moon will be void nearly all day today), and to keep bearing witness to the limitless field, which we are preparing to both leave AND reenter in the next few weeks. That field is about to introduce us to who we really are, and the truth is, we’ve been getting acquainted with our Selves through this entire retrograde Mercury cycle. As we pass by our authentic core Selves one last time (while Mercury reclaims his shadow), we will realize we are so much more aware than we were just a month or two ago.

It is time to leave the old limiting beliefs about our Selves behind, step onto that wave and take our places. We are the new World Teachers. If that resonates for you, KNOW you are already there. Forget your doubts and fears. You don’t live there anymore.

”Life is not done by appointment. It is done by freedom to show up wherever you want to be. Don’t forget to keep THAT appointment.”
Derek O’Neill

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