• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon enters Sagittarius: 11:14pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 11:14pm
  • Void nearly all day!
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate
  • 3:3 Star Gate
  • 6:6 Star Gate

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Many of us are starting to feel the wave breaking, opportunities for movement finally

Fingers of God abound this week. Saturn/Pluto pointing to Jupiter, Venus/Jupiter pointing to Saturn, the Sun/Jupiter pointing to Saturn, and Mars did the same a few days ago. These are all Great Eliminators, or aspects that demand we choose the high road over the lower road once and for all, so that our purpose can be realized and fulfilled. We have been choosing the low road for aeons. It is time to leave that all behind and BE MOVED toward the higher experience.

The Scorpio Moon went void yesterday afternoon and will remain so all day long, save for the last 45 minutes of this day. Inside THIS Plutonic void Venus makes many calibrating aspects, to Uranus (more Jolt), to Saturn and to Chiron. The Sun forms that inconjunct with Saturn inside this void as well. We will feel the electromagnetic energies affecting us on so many levels, (is you electronic equipment behaving as though Mercury was still retrograde?). Changes are coming fast and furious after months of languishing in the limitless silence.

Let’s talk about Saturn for a moment. Saturn, in the last 5 years, has gone from fearful Patriarchal Father archetype who will surely punish us if we don’t get it right to the embodiment of the Great Teacher, who shows us how to step into our authentic selves, and finally to the inner Guru, who knows that way and guides us unfailingly toward to full expression of the self-realized awareness we are making our way to right now. Saturn is also currently enjoying a beneficial and very productive relationship with Pluto these days, and Pluto has shifted radically in his own right, morphing from the Lord of the Underworld to the Gatekeeper to a new realm of consciousness. Neither Saturn nor Pluto need be feared anymore. In the spirit of the 5D consciousness they are here to serve our highest good.

So today, the Sun and Venus, newly infused with the electromagnetic energies of Uranus, each form inconjuncts (Great Eliminators) with the Inner Guru today. Don’t be surprised (despite Uranus’s greatest efforts) when the unexpected residual fear based reaction arises in you in response to that button that’s been getting pushed since you were a very little child. See the situation for what it is: something you couldn’t handle once but can totally deal with now. What you don’t want to be dealing with anymore is that fear based reaction.

Trust your inner voice today. It will guide you toward joy and away from the old karmic patterns that can’t hold you any longer. The Moon moves from Pluto’s sign into Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius) at 11:14pm EDT and these are two of the three planets currently forming the potent ascension producing Finger of God that dominates our consciousness this weekend. Saturn’s sign (Capricorn) follows on April 2, and that puts this huge Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto event front and center for the next few days.

Let it all come together and remember it is not yet time to act. It may FEEL like it, it may feel A LOT like it’s time to move, but it isn’t. BE STILL UNTIL YOU ARE BEING MOVED. In this way you will be able to allow for all possibilities , and I can’t stress it enough when I say your entire future depends on how much you can allow yourself to perceive for the next few days. LET GO, LET GOD.

”Standing on the crest of the light
Between fixity and vertigo
You are
The diaphanous balance.”

Octavio Paz

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