• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 5:07pm - Midnight
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate

Please join me for my Spring 2013 Worm Hole of Manifestation teleconference which will focus exclusively on the upcoming eclipses.
In order to make the most of this unprecedented passage, it helps to understand what these eclipses can do. Let’s work collectively to ride the wave that is set to take off just as the worm hole delivers us to the Gemini New Moon on June 8th. Don’t miss this important discussion about how to navigate through this passage.

Sunday, April 21 at 4pm EDT, 1pm PDT, 9pm GT…
Exchange: $20
No need to be on the live call, just register and receive the MP3 download right away…http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/events?ee=26

And on Monday, April 22nd, at 7pm EDT, please join Dr. Sherri Greene for a perfectly timed Sacred Feet Transmission…

From Dr Sherri Greene: I am grateful to be offering you the assistance of my next Remote Sacred Feet healing as we move into the next series of eclipses that begins on April 25th. As always this transmission will be a unique experience for your body, mind and spirit. The intention is to nurture your physical form during this intensive time when the energies are surging through you as you move (flow) through your world…quite strongly at times. As your body adjusts and adapts to the new frequency upgrades here on earth you will continue to stand in the power of your most authentic self owning your individual creative mastery… your souls(soles:) mission. Allow this healing to expand your awareness and inner center point balance that is always with you. Magical alchemy is present to ground the new into form, your divine form.

Go to http://www.drsherrigreene.com/event-registration/?ee=7 TO REGISTER.


If you haven’t signed up for my Worm Hole Teleconference tomorrow, please do.. It’s designed to help you navigate through these very huge energies that are finally letting up on us enough to be able to BEGIN to make sense out of what’s happening to us. The Uranian Jolt officially ends today, inside a void Leo Moon, and that means that by tomorrow, maybe Monday, we will be much more well informed about what this quantum leap into the higher Self has yielded. IT IS ALREADY DONE. We are already home. Any feeling that we’re not is a fear based reaction to the newness, and that can wreak havoc with your world right now.

Have a look around. Without focusing too profoundly on what’s going on, there are those who are completely out of their minds. They may believe they have a reason, and in the biggest picture, they do.. that reason is karma.. but more immediately, if you wish to live in a world that does not contain these hellacious scenarios, you must address the part of your Self that is still out of control. If you are at peace, TRULY at peace, these events will never touch you.

The Mercury Uranus conjunction is one of three major planetary events that occur today. It is going to bring brilliant revelations and much understanding that was not possible before. Don’t forget that this long electromagnetic jolt has been pouring new consciousness into us for a few weeks now, and we are newly amped up and activated in ways we didn’t know were possible. Let go of all you’ve been reaching for in order to find out what you most need to know today.

The Leo Moon is void till 9:10pm EDT, when she moves into Virgo, sign of the Divine Mother. Mars moves into Taurus before that, and the Taurus grounding for this year begins in earnest. This year is different from any other year in the human story because we have never been so fully immersed in the 5D consciousness. This is truly a new world. Every archetype, every element, every energy is brand new now, because we have a different way of working with whatever touches us.

The Sun forms an energetic polarity (contraparallel) with Saturn tonight, kicking off a super opposition between these two that will be in effect until next Sunday, April 28th. This gives us a good long time to get the gist of how important this passage is, how authentic we are, and what we are truly ready to bring to the table. We will be inside the worm hole before this super opposition completes itself, which indicated the magnitude of the eclipse passage. The Worm Hole open with a Scorpio Full Moon that is conjunct Saturn… This Full Moon event will last for three days, until the Sun Saturn opposition is complete. That is one very serious blossoming of the flower the Uranian Jolt has nurtured into fullness.

This is a changing day, as Dr. Phil would say. Nothing will be the same when it’s over. That is most particularly true on the inner planes, but once that shifts, so does everything else. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 10 Aries, the degree of today’s Mercury Uranus Jolt-ender. It is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks, which I have recenty been informed is about to be printed in book form at last! Please click on Ellias’s new banner, (lower right hand corner of this page) and check out his new website. This message, by the way, is huge, please take the time to read it…

Aries 10: Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.

”I am bound by vows to take my stand here. My wandering days are over. For I am meant to bear witness, to balance the equation, to reveal what only shows itself to me when I stay within the focus of the Mysteries.

Even as my outward movement ceases, my internal authority intensifies. The less I go out and do, the more I can accomplish by being present to this extraordinary chance I am given, to be active on the inside and be free of the turbulent waters, released to be strictly myself.

Much of my focus is to root myself within myself, to take my body and soul and empower them to drink of the cup of this world without ceasing. I learn to make no apology for my considerable obsession. I must make something new arise out of all the old stuff I bear and compost and liberate.

This interior quiet is so fierce and demanding that I relinquish all claims upon reputation and currency and supplant these with putting all my life on the line for something that can grow through me. I have no proof, no certainty, no guarantees. But that fiery instinct is supported by so many earth forces, once I join up with them, going deep, staying put.

Everything tells me to get to work on myself and to do everything I possibly can to eliminate the costly error of the feverish attempt we easily succumb to. We want to be approved. We need to be appreciated. So we sell out our souls routinely. That’s what I stand against.

What can happen I become in the here and now, authentic to the one I’ve always been, and from there hearkening toward the one I am meant to become. What if I persist in the core practice of getting straight and getting clear and don’t sell this short for anything? What will come of this experiment?

I do know where it goes. I do know what I’m doing. I’m tapping a wisdom which is older than the world. The only thing it tells me is ; take courage, walk courage, stay on with what is in you.”

” Raise your words, not your voice.
It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. “


If you’d like to have a personal reading from Ellias Lonsdale, you can. Call 831 425-3134 to set up an appointment.

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